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    Hello friends!

    Yesterday was the final day at the 2011 Sorcerers Safari Magic Camp in Canada. Myself, Lee Asher, Fran, Eric Jones, Eric Leclerc, Eric Simmatis (why are there so many Eric's), Steven Kline, Mike & Jen Segal, Shawn Farquhar and many others helped to celebrate the camp's 15th year.

    While we were there, we filmed this awesome video & I thought you guys might like to see it. Enjoy!

  2. Haha, that was awesome! The kid doing the Blaine impression makes me laugh every time! Such a breath of fresh air :)

  3. That video was awesome. Wasn't expecting that at all.
  4. One shots are mega hard to pull off haha good job
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    I'm always blown away by how creative and talented the kids and staff are. The video itself came together in an afternoon, but it manages to convey so much about Sorcerers Safari and the camp experience. We're already counting down to 2012 :)


    PS - Teller just tweeted about the video:!/MrTeller/status/110822308624609280
  6. This video turned out awesome and was a lot of fun to make! I cant wait to go back to camp next year!!!
  7. That guy at the beginning looked like Chad Churos.
  8. That was awesome! It's cool to see so many people with so much talent at once!
    Great video.
  9. It is.
  10. I love this video, thumb up for the director.
  11. dang! All in 1 shot!? That must have been hard!!!
    Very awesome video!!
  12. Looks like you all had a fun time making that. Awesome video, Wayne. Thanks for sharing. :)

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