the magic of le paul

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  1. does this book include the spread pass?
  2. Yes.

    It seems like a bit of a waste of a post just to write that, so I'll add that it's under the title "A Flourish and a Pass", because Le Paul describes the move from what we call these days a "Le Paul Spread". The mechanics for the pass don't require a Le Paul Spread though, so a simple in-the-hands spread will work just as well.
  3. This book is one of the greats in the magic literature world. A personal favorite of mine. Just about everything in the book is absolute gold.
  4. @teedee
    i agree that was a bit of a waste of a post but that was the only thing i could think of to type but thanks for answering my question =)
  5. No, I meant that it would have been a waste of a post for me just to write "Yes", hence my elaboration. Your post was absolutely fine!
  6. oh ok, i didn't read your post properly.

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