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  1. Ok admit it. When you're out buying social clothes you have a certain set of prerequisites that your potential purchase has to adhere to don't you? Suitable sleeves, perhaps a breast pocket, a dark colour interior. Please tell me you do ... or am i just a little obsessed? Hell, sometimes i don't even care if the garment doesn't look super cool.
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    I'm the opposite, personally, as you would see from my general dress sense (I often wear bow ties, braces, some bright colour, and so forth). The image that I portray is one of the most important parts of my performance. I find that, from a mentalist's experience, the persona is far more important than any methodological requirements in terms of creating the effect of magic. Generally, I will wear the clothes I like, and work around that. I would consider visiting a tailor if I had anything specific in mind, but even that is going a bit far for me...
  3. I buy clothes that I think look and feel good for me. Sure, I'll consider some things, like nice amount of pockets for a blazer or jacket, and I have a few pairs of cargo shorts, but I'd much rather wear slim fitting darkwash jeans and look presentable than look like an awkward middle schooler with off green cargo pants. Like Prae said, buy what you like, and work around it. In magic we sometimes need to make adjustments, yes? This is just another one we need to adapt to.

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