The Manifesto: 2nd trick preview

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Luis Vega, Feb 17, 2010.

  1. some people here know I am creating a booklet called "The Manifesto" is a recopilation of my work of the last 2 years...this include tricks with cards, coins, gum, nails, cigarretes, mentalism, some flourishes, utilities like moves, aerials and well as some other things...

    last time I gave away one trick of the manifesto ( so I wanna do the same with other trick...this time is a more simple trick in a magician way...but for the spectators is pretty awesome as they won´t believe their eyes...and memory...

    the trick is called "SURE?" and is very easy and has been my opener this last 2 years in a close-up even my opener in my card routine in stand-up shows...

    as usual I want to give away the tutorial for 3 people that reply this thread...the trick will be sent on friday so you have plenty of time...but there is a catch..since I am bored I am going to give the trick to the 3 people that tell me the funniest reason why I should give you the tutorial...pretty simple!!

    you have some time to think the funniest reason... this will be the only time I do this as a contest-like way...
    should you have questions don´t hesitate to contact me!!!

    have a nice week!!
  2. I really would like to see it becayuse even i do not know who you are I have always loved you!!!
  3. Are you 'SURE' you want to give me the trick??

    But seriously sounds great I cant wait to see this :)
  4. Congrats on the book!

    I would be more than keen to see the trick as I am also a card guy, looking for a great new opener. I am a huge FAN of card tricks, and I'm sure this will be one to DRIBBLE over.

    I'm sure its one of those tricks that CUT it above the rest, not one that people PASS on.

    If people don't like it, who cars, tell them to take a BREAK, the other content in the book is amazing, so they should BUCKLE their seat belts.

    The other tricks that don't involve cards will also be great, I'm sure you've NAILED them, CHEWson the best material, will truly SMOKE us away. Especially with the coin magic, I know i'll have nothing to CHANGE...

    Anyway these puns and lame attempts of humor is horrible, and I know my children will hate it...can't wait.

    Once again best of luck, but I'm SURE this entry will SPRING to mind :)
  5. I would like to see the trick.

    Well why not?
  6. i am looking for a opener...

    alright. this sounds interesting
    reason... banana hammock pew pew pew
  7. I wrote you a poem.

    Zebras speak to me in Yiddish.
    Hold out your hand.
    Water down the chicken soup with clementines.
    Interesting line of work.
    Atheist dictionaries ride up on the ice poles.
    Jack of diamonds spits on hearts' faces, I don't make this stuff up.

    I can also perform the pass while standing on one foot in a yarmulke in 20 degree weather.

  8. I don't know if I can get another tutorial from you since I was picked for the first one, but it was so good that I'd love to see this one. So here it goes.

    I SURE would love to see this SUREfire trick, because SURELY it will blow some SURE minds and make them SURE all over themselves while I SURELY perform SURE in the SUREST(?) way possible.
  9. Send it my way and I'll give it a go, write up a fair and balanced review, and post it in my several circles of influence, and try to get some buzz going about it.

    If you are looking for more than just giving the trick away, and want to see something come from it, let me know.

  10. Send me the trick.
    Wouldn't YOU like to know?
  11. Damn it am awful at jokes. I'll come up with something.
  12. You should give it to me because my name is Luis too.

    P.S. No it isn't. But I am awesome, so I deserve it.
  13. Oh!! I forgot to say that...sorry but people that had "Dissolution" unfortunately don´t calificate for this contest....but there are 10+ tricks in the manifesto and I intend to give away the complete "Manifesto" when is finished..and everybody can win!!!
  14. You should pick me, because i like the diary of nightmar.....dreams too...yeahhhh They are awesome....
  15. Why?

    Because Superman's weakness is Chuck Norris, Chuck Norris' weakness is Chase. Nuff Said.

    I suggest you cede the effect into my possession, or I will round-house kick you too. ;)

    All the best,
  16. I really need an official opener because I have been performing almost the same opener for the past 3 years. So as you already guessed I am definitely interested.

    Thanks for you time.

  17. well...I could send it to you...but I want to hear your funny reason why I everybody is doing here
  18. is your whole thing going to be for sale eventually?
  19. You should share this with me because....

    I will tatoo your name in my left buttock, perform this trick everytime naked and end with "and this guy created it" while bowing to the audience.
  20. you should let me get a peak at it. because in soviet russia, tricks perform you.

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