The Melt and Reverse Illusion by 97mrdude

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    Hope you enjoy my original trick :)
    Also, I would appreciate FEEDBACK as well

    Please subscribe to my channel: 97mrdude
  2. I have three things to say.

    1. Chances are, someone beat you to this trick. You have no idea how difficult it is to come up with legitimately original material.
    2. No I will not subscribe to your channel because you've already spammed the ever-loving **** out of this board with extraneous threads about your videos.
    3. If I watch and critique this one video, you will contribute something besides your own videos? Or at the very least, make one thread dedicated to putting all of your videos in?

    If one more thread pops up showing off one of your videos and my questions still aren't answered, I'm just going to put you on the ignore list, because this... this is ridiculous.
  3. Sad but true...
  4. 1) Yes you may be right, but do YOU know anyone that has done this variation? Well I as sure don't.

    2) I've spammed this channel? By putting up my videos and wanting for people to check out my magic, that's spamming? Then what is the point of this forum anyways?

    3) I have no idea how to put all my videos in one single thread. I am new to this. Just created my account a few days ago.

    4) Take it easy. I'm not spamming. I did not do you any harm. You've given me a great example of how people are on this forum.
    thanks agaim for the wonderful feedback Steerpike
  5. The, "If I haven't seen it, it's new to me!" defense, huh? In the last month, we must have had a dozen people asking if the move they came up with was done before, and someone always pointed out the exact book or DVD where it was done before. Do you really think you're going to be the exception?

    There are nearly a dozen threads, each one by you, featuring only one video, clogging up the first page. And you don't ask for feedback, you just want us to subscribe to your channel. No! Everyone likes to buy, no one likes to be sold. The forum is ostensibly for getting advice to improve as a magician, not pimp your YT channel for attention.

    But okay. You've got my attention. Now what are you going to do with it?

    ... wat. Please tell me you're not just ****ing with me here.

    Dude, you make one thread specifically about your videos. Each time you have a new one, you go to the thread, hit the REPLY button, and embed the video in the reply. Please don't make this difficult.

    I value my time. I don't like having it wasted. You made eleven threads in less than a week to show off videos and bully people into subscribing to your channel. No, I won't. You're not asking for feedback. You're not asking for criticism. You're asking for subscribers. That irritates people. You are tacitly saying that you feel entitled to their time and respect. Doesn't work that way, kid. You get people to like you by contributing to discussions around here, not by monopolizing the conversation.
  6. I wonder where these guys get their inspiration from...
    Seconding steerpike on every point, especially on the notion that if you stop spamming and put all your videos in one thread, I'll actually take the time to review and critique one or maybe two of your videos and give some advice. I'd also recommend dropping the defensive attitude and attempt to just learn. Many people on these forums have been doing magic longer than you or I have been alive, and most people on these forums are significantly farther along in their magic than either of us, steerpike definitely being one of them. The best thing you can do for yourself is to listen and learn. Anything else is time wasted.
  7. I am listening to what your saying. My problem is, you can approach me in a much kinder way. Telling me, "Create your own thread" and teaching me how, I would appreciate. Rather than insulting what I do? But, I do apologize for making it seem like I spam.
  8. Anyways, yes your right. Conversation done here, its just important to take a better approach on things. I did listen and learn by the way. Thank you for your time.
  9. Thank you. Well done. I can tell you a few things right away, you need to purchase and study Card College vol. 1 and Scripting Magic. Doing so will jump you miles ahead of where you are now. A few specific things you need to think about, do not tell the audience what you are doing, they can see it for themselves. Think about each and every word you use, is it contributing to the effect? In what way? Insofar as sleights go, you need to take each effect that you do. Do it without any sleights, only pretending the magic is happening. Watch closely at what your hands and the deck are doing. Them go back, add in the sleights, and figure out how to make the two performances look exactly the same. Think about how it looks to your audience, the more natural the better. Speaking of an audience, it seems to me that you desperately need to find a new one. Meaning of course, go out and perform!! That cannot be stressed enough. It is extremely apparent that your primary inspiration and audience has been YouTube magicians. If that's what you wanna do, fine. But if you want to actually improve your magic you need to start performing for real people. Lots of real people. I can give you some more specific advise later.. But that should be plenty to be getting along with. I would also recommend picking up a FREE copy of Magic in Mind from My personal favorite free resource.
  10. Thank you Tyler Ross for your opinion and I will take that in mind
  11. Now that the lecture is overwith, I'll proceed with my standard practice. Thoughts as they occur to me.

    0:03 - Points docked immediately for the fact that I can't see your face. I hate watching disembodied hands alone. Magic is about people, not body parts that may or may not be attached to a whole living thing.
    0:09 - Framing's pretty bad. If this is meant to be a demo, you want the best shot you can manage.
    0:12 - Never say that. The instant a magician says, "normal deck of playing cards," the audience is going to assume you're bull****ting them. Don't run when you aren't being chased.
    0:22 - There are few things more boring than telling people what you're going to do and then doing it. Even sportscasters have to make the blow-by-blow sound interesting.
    0:28 - Awkward looking handling.
    0:35 - No drama. You did it way too quick and the narrating further killed it. So far, nothing I haven't seen before.
    0:44 - Again, you're running when you're not being chased. If you have to talk this much and use this many cliched convincers, you screwed something up.
    0:55 - You're trying way too hard to convince people. Remember the words of Andy Warhol: You have more power when you shut up.
    1:10 - Pretty sure I've seen this before. This is in Card College if I'm not mistaken, but then again, what isn't?
    1:40 - Three deck giveaway? Presumptuous.

    Serious question: How many live audiences have you performed in front on in the last week? In the last month? You're putting the cart before the horse something fierce. Also, read the stickied thread in General "How To Improve Your Videos Over Night." I've been studying digital video production for ten years so you don't have to.
  12. pretty much sounds like you don't want me talking at all lol
  13. pretty clear feedback, thanks. what I aim for is, getting YouTube famous. Also, to teach people cardsistry, My street performamces will Come soon. Have you heard of Mismag22 or Andyfieldmagic? They are both professional. And dude, they mostly only show their hands haha. that's where I'm confused on what you tell me. Your critique is somewhat interesting. Now, I do agree with you in some cases, about the framing and yes I may screw up with card handling to some sort, but hey practice, makes perfect right?:) Also, interesting how, well, Andyfieldmagics opinion of my videos are VERY different from yours? He's a professional. But, I'm sure you are quite experienced yourself? Alas, Thanks for the feedback I'll take that into mind.
  14. mismag822*
  15. As I have already pointed out, it is extremely apparent where you get your inspiration from. Thecardtrickteacher and Andyfieldmagic are about as far as one can get from being professional magicians. They have absolutely no clue what presentation is, and their sleights are absolute crap. I'm sorry to burst your bubble, I myself have been where you are now, but those two are quite literally some of the worst students and teachers of magic I have ever come across. I'm being dramatic and verbose like always, alas, I am trying to make a point. I would recommend never attempting to learn from either of them again, as it can do nothing but harm to your magic. You may disagree with me, fair enough, but keep in mind that I have an entire industry of working performer's backing my opinions on this matter, and you have two of the least respected people in the entire magic community, along with all their groupies, backing yours. I do not mean to offend, I mean for this to resonate. I cannot stress that highly enough. I have been EXACTLY where you are now, and looking back, all I can say is I wish someone had slapped some sense into me sooner. It took me nearly four months of wasting my time with those two and learning TONS of bad habits before I finally realised how stupid it was, and wizened up.

    I hate sounding like a suck up, but again, Steerpike is correct on every point. And he skipped quite a few. To answer your statement, yes, nearly every single word you said during that performance should be taken out. I said that earlier as well, albeit in a nicer way.

    Getting "Youtube famous" as you mean it should be a goal of no one, ever. I'm sure someone else can elaborate on this point in a more eloquent way.

    You are so far away from the point where you should be teaching anyone anything that it shouldn't even be on the agenda.

    Finally, there is only one reason you should ever delay performing for real people, and that is because your sleights are not as perfect as you want them. I'm gonna guess that after about a dozen live performances you'll start getting a feel for why everything that has been said so far is correct, and why someone like Mismag or Andyfieldmagic would get booed off a street corner if they tried to perform. At least if their performance was even remotely like what they do on their channels.

    I don't mean to be a jerk, but I can only hope that some of this message gets through. STOP learning from youtube, GO and buy the two books I recommended, STUDY the crap out of them, and for god sakes go out and PERFORM.
  16. Is that really all you took away from that critique? Did I just waste my time on advice you're not going to listen to anyway?

    Oh dear. Being "YouTube famous" is like being good at eating cereal.

    Before I get into why this isn't a worthy goal, let me first say that scientists have actually studied the phenomena of viral videos and the like and their grand conclusion was, "I dunno." There is no formula for this. It's mostly based on dumb luck.

    That said, any kind of fame is an incredibly poor substitute for... pretty much any goal really. YouTube subscribers are nothing like real friends. Because a YouTube subscriber will never ask you to help them move a couch into their new apartment. They'll never give you a ride to work when your car's in the shop. And they certainly won't take you out to a bar on your birthday. A large audience is only good if you can monetize it, and that's way more difficult than you think it is.

    Trying to fish for YouTube fame is a waste of your time because you could be spending it doing literally anything else. Hell, smoking pot and listening to The Beatles would be more productive, because at least that might encourage you to learn to play an instrument. There are so many better things to do with your time than fish for compliments from a bunch of anonymous yo-yos with the attention span of gnat and the social graces of a goat.

    Uh huh. And how much experience do you actually have?

    In the same way that I've heard of stomach cancer, yes.

    I have never seen a more gross misuse of the word "professional" in my life.

    That is one of many reasons why all of their videos couldn't be worse unless they released chlorine gas into the room through your speakers.

    That's because you're setting the bar so low a snake's shadow could get over it.


    Yes, interesting indeed. It's almost as if he's a no-talent hack and I'm a formally trained artist with real-world experience at his chosen disciplines.

    No. No he ****ing isn't. You know what a professional looks like? Penn & Teller. Jeff McBride. Gazzo. Or if you want to go outside of magic, how about Peter Gabriel? Or Roger Corman. Or Neil Gaiman.

    Six years working as performer (first as a close-up magician, now as a mentalist) and I've been formally studying filmmaking and digital video production since 2003. I've worked numerous private parties as well as events for Barnes & Noble, Kennywood Park, the Pittsburgh Zoo and Business Networking International. Shooting a web series next month, working on the screenplays for a virtual band, and assuming the checks go through I'll be working on my thesis at Pittsburgh Filmmakers in 2014. I'm also a guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter and am working on a broadcast demo to do some side work as a voice over talent. On top of everything else, I'm a Toastmaster and an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church. Had you read the thread I recommended to you, you would have seen that I'm not just blowing smoke and actually know how to apply my knowledge. In fact, here's a link so you have no excuse not to read it.

    Do you understand now why I don't like people jerking me around? I have a lot on my plate and, for the third time, I do not appreciate having my time wasted. I don't spend time beating around the bush. I tell you exactly what you're doing wrong and what to change. If you don't want to listen to it because it was too blunt, not my problem.
  17. Hey Steerpike. What your saying is right, but is not all right. He's a beginner u can't expect him to be really good right away. Everyday he's learning new stuff. Practice will make him perfect. I respect on all of u guys comment. And if u hates this guy then please stop comment on his post. It doesn't hurt him really much when u comment on his post, u wasting your own time. So once again I respect all of u guys. Please help each other not push each other away . Thank You
  18. No. But I also am not going to stick around and listen to excuses.

    Hate is far too strong a word. I reserve my hatred for actual threats to society, people who think an acceptable form of debate is to send others rape and death threats, and the current governor of my state.
  19. steerpike you can shut it now lol your hilarious :):) Thank you Andy!
  20. I don't care what you did, but by your feedback, your the WORST magician of our day ;) Now quit commenting on my videos thanks :)

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