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  1. Lloyd Barnes
    The Miracle ACAAN
    Price: $7 or 5 GBP



    You bring out a deck of cards and set them down.
    You ask your spectator to name ANY card.
    Then you bring your phone out and hold it face down and ask them to to push any two digits.
    They do so, given it's in the range of 1-52.
    They take the deck and deal down their number.
    The card matches.
    Every time.

    Instantly repeatable.
    Different card and number every time.
    No gimmicks.
    Can be immediately examined.

    The story behind The Miracle is a sad one. I won't post it here, as it's on the product page.
    I've become good friends with Lloyd over the past few weeks.
    (Before you think I'm giving this a good review because he's a friend, I will dispel that notion. I'm giving it a good review because it deserves it.)

    Method (Deck): It's very clever. I love the principle behind the deck. It takes getting used to, but it's worth it.

    Method (Number): It's alright. I like it and will be using it, but will be trying to come up with a new way to have the number selected.

    Setup: This took me around 5 minutes because I went slow. If you go fast it will take no longer than 2 minutes, and you're set up for as long as you have the deck.

    Personal Thoughts: I really, really, think this is very close to perfection of an ACAAN. If the number selection was a bit more open, Lloyd would take home the gold for ACAAN. I love it. I had the same reaction as his mother and friend in the video when I saw it, and I never get that fooled. My first thoughts when I saw it: "No ****ing way is it that clean every time." I was wrong. It is that clean. Every time. It can be done repeatedly with different cards and numbers every time. How can you NOT foam at the mouth for that? I honestly wish that a larger company would pick this up. Lloyd most certainly deserves it. For $7, you can get a fantastic ACAAN that is ridiculously clean.

    Overall grade: 9/10

    Great job Lloyd.
  2. Yeah I watched the video and was speechless. When you say you're set up for as long as you have the deck, do you mean it's a one time set up and you're good to go again and again and again?
  3. Yep! And it's ALWAYS as clean as that performance :)

  4. Trust me...this is a worker. I used it the other day for the first time. Wow. I'm not just saying this because Lloyd is a friend, but every version of ACAAN that I have ever seen, I don't use. To impractical or they use extra, marked, or gimmicked cards. Not this one. A normal deck.

    Amazing Lloyd.
  5. So can the deck be shuffled and all that? I saw Lloyd shuffle in the demo, but it could've been false haha :p
  6. I'm gonna be honest with you. No, the deck can't be shuffled but when you do a false shuffle, in a relaxed manner, it makes no difference to the audience. Just check out the promo.

    What people have been telling me and what I set out to achieve with this, is that a key factor is: Even though the deck can't be shuffled there is still NO memory work what so ever. Which makes people breath a big sigh of relief :)

    Thanks everyone for being awesome!

  7. Well I can't false shuffle, maybe an overhand one. I can false cut though, and that seems to work just as well.
    This is definitely on my list!
  8. Are you sure there is no memorizing involved? I hope I am not revealing anything here, but any magician who has Juan Tamariz's book "Mnemonica" might get an instant sense. I don't know fully, but as she was dealing out the cards I was feeling something familiar.
  9. THERE IS NO MEMORIZING. I'm sorry for the all caps but it was necessary. If I'm lying, God strike me dead. Still here. Man, I payed my $7 for the trick. I took the time to write a review because I thought it was worthy. If there had been any memory work I would have said so. There is no memory work WHATSOEVER.
  10. So,

    I've shared, with a few of you, my ideas for how to make this the perfect ACAAN. Not everytime, but a lot of the time I'm able to have them name any card and name any number, then just have them deal down to it just clean as in the video.

    For anyone who picks this up from now until Christmas day and PMs me, I'll send out my ideas on how to make this as close to perfect as possible.



    The Miracle ACAAN

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