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  1. Can someone tell me the name of a color change where you end up clean and that can be done from most angles .... ?
  2. The Erdnase Color Change I would suppose. :)


  3. On my performances, I would usually go for a shape shifter.
  4. Erdsnase or shapeshifter are the best bet.
    You really dont need a ton of color changes.
    I have been performing magic for many years and have done a lot of gigs specifically for card magic.
    The only color change I use in my performances are those two and a variation of the ego/cardini/whatever
    I am familiar with a lot, but those three accomplish everything I need

    *To specifically answer your question, the shapeshifter change starts clean and ends clean and there are no bad angles really, also, it looks bomb diggidy
  5. The duck change can replace the shapeshifter if you can make it consistent enough. It's pretty angle proof.
  6. I dont see the point, its more difficult, is less angle proof, and is not nearly as consistent no matter how much you practice.
  7. Try doing a Shapeshifter with the card that is being changed into one card lower and a double lift to show the first card.
  8. It helps knowing a few colour changes, but the ones that i consistently use is the shake change. For messing around in general, Color+Duck change looks awesome, Db sping change looks cool, and the Jack carpenter shake change. I found it better than doing Goat change.
  9. You obviously haven't learnt the duck change.
    There is one weak angle, which can be easily fixed, and i'd prefer to have that weak angle rather than the discrepancy of the corners changing in the shapeshifter. And I can land my duck change 100%. You just have to practice, which apparently a lot of the forum members have a problem with.

  10. i love you.
  11. thanks baby.
  12. Double lift. it certainly fits all your criteria and you can probably already do it!

    Simple is best

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    The most practical color changes imo are:

    Erdnase Classic color change
    Shapeshifter by Marc Desouza
    Cardini Change
    Winter Change by John Cornelius

    I personally use the Shapeshifter and Winter Change quite often when performing. Winter Change is more difficult than the Erdnase, however I use it because I find that quite a few laymen's know how the erdnase is done. Thank you very much youtube =D
  14. Just be careful Theatrehead and magicfreak667, I've heard that internet romances don't work out :p

    My actual reason for posting here:

    John Cornelius :)
  15. all colour changes are "effective" when done well enough.
  16. You beat me to it. It's angle proof (assuming someone isn't directly beneath you looking at the card as you remove it from the deck. It can happen in your hands or the spectator's, and can happen whenever you want. What more would you want?
    The top change is also good. The only advantage is that, if done properly, people don't even remember it being near the deck. However there is a 'move' that, if not correctly misdirected, the audience could, theoretically, spot.
  17. Shapeshifter, IMO, is way to obvious, no matter how well you can do it, 99% of laymen can guess and may point it out. At least my friends and I have all been caught doing it several times and we can do it very well.

    I also prefer duck change over shapeshifter 100%, and thank you TheatreHead, some people needed a reminder other than Creeper =.= lol.
  18. The shapeshifter works ok if you execute it shortly after the dl and replace it to the deck quickly.. there's less time for the corner discrepancy to sink in, I think
  19. Then you are doing it badly. Dont say something is obvious if you suck at it. Plenty of people use it and never have an issue, i have never been called out on it.
  20. I think people forget about the good old classic color change, angles are good and it looks amazing.

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