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  1. Hi. I would like to know which is (in your opinion) the most invisible and unbreakable invisible thread on the market. And if it costs over $25 then please post it and with it a cheaper one.

    Thanks in advance,
  2. You're looking for two different things; it depends what you want to sacrifice. The more invisible you get, the weaker you get also. The stronger you get, the more visible. Or you can go for the one in the middle. What would you prefer?
  3. I need a thread for floating cigarette. What would you suggest?:)
  4. Look for stuff called wholy nylon, or cotton.
  5. That wool nylon seems pretty see-able... I was talking about things like Spider-pen thread or something like loops (but not elastic).
  6. well the thing is that it all depends on the situation, all thread can be seen it isn't really invisible.
    But it can be, let me explain.

    If you use Invisible thread and you float a dollar bill spectators are looking for a thread, in this situation I hope you took all the necessary precautions.

    Since you are doing a floating cigarette make sure lighting is coming from behind you, it will prevent reflection, you might see it but they won't.

    Also don't use white or black

    White is bad because the thread is black and if the thread is staitionary you might be able to see it. using black is also bad because, black is the absence of light. If the thread caught any light it would shine bright on the black background.
    But if you use gray it hides the thread perfectly.
    If you cannot control your background, be the background.

    Hope this helps a bit.


    I have used wholy nylon for 5 years for my non elastic thread and never been caught. I am assuming you are doing the Fearson Hookup for the invisible thread.
  7. From memory, the most invisible one is Silkworm thread. Not as strong as the others (i.e. a deck of cards may push it), but it'd be good for a cigarette, won't break. (The others are the Mesika and Infinity loops, btw).
  8. My Mesika thread can't stand the force of half a deck :confused:
    Maybe I got a crappy batch or something :p
  9. Your lame factor weakens the thread as you approach it.

    Sorry, Tumbleweed.
  10. Eh, Black is the best color for IT. Its the most invisible. :-]

  11. I'd just like to note that both infinity (they are coming out with a new version, though it's going to be sold in 100ft reels, if I recall correctly) and silkworm threads are discontinued. So those may be harder to find. :)

    Either way, I just use 100% nylon thread spools that my mom gets (she quilts), and strip the thread myself. It's quality stuff, so it's strong, and it's quite invisible when stripped. I also have a pen thread reel, so I use that (the thread that came with it has lasted thus far)...if the thread breaks, I'll just end up using the nylon thread I normally use anyway in there instead. :)

    As far as elastic thread goes (despite that not being the topic, I'm including it for additional information), I tend to stick to Mesika's thread reels (I tie my own loops), again because the Infinity reel is no longer produced (and near impossible to find), and I've just had good experiences with Mesika's elastic thread. :)
  12. Oh, I didn't know that, thanks for pointing that out. :)
  13. I thought he was looking for non elastic thread.
    I have infinity thread v2 and it is great highly invisible thread. I used it even under direct sunlight and flourecent lighting.
  14. I did quite a large amounts of research on invisible elastic thread a while ago.

    I currently use Silkworm Thread. Comes in a 500t small reel, and can be split into 3 smaller threads. These smaller threads are extremely invisible however is also fairly weak ( can lift 10 cards or so in a haunted pack). A normal sized thread (3 strands), is quite visible if used in the wrong conditions, and from knowledge is much more visible compared to Yigel Mesika's reel, however it is much more stronger. A full thread is able to hold up to move a pack of 40 cards. Unfortunately they do not produce this anymore.
  15. Ahh damn, I knew that was the problem :p
  16. I currently use Silkworm for Elastic.
    For Non-Elastic, I use the Tarantula for some effects, but for other effects such as Fearson's floating cigarette... well Im gonna be a douche and tell you to buy the DVD/ PDF
  17. Second word count
  18. The silkworm threads I recieved( black and clear) were single strands only. The clear is pretty invisible but the black juts out a lot.
  19. Clear silk worm I found was good to use for closeup, the black one I used onstage and in a parlor setting. Just remeber gray is better then black and white.

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