The Most Natural Card Force?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by curtistry, Oct 27, 2011.

  1. Sup guys, so your performing a card trick where you need to force a card on the spectator, do you go for the easy but unnatural force, or the harder yet more natural force? So what do you think is the most natural card force and most unnatural card force? and why? If you could include additional details like where I can learn the best card force in your opinion or the name of the force I would appreciate it!
  2. Orbit control.
  3. I go for easy and natural: The Cross-Cut Force.

    But the other one I try to go for, just for the sake of improving on it is the Classic Force.
  4. I pretty much always use the Classic Force. I find it works 85% of the time, which is plenty for me. If it doesn't work, do a different effect.
  5. The cull force for in the hands. It mimics an in the hands spread which is one of my favored ways of having a card selected.
  6. I honestly think that any force can be super natural. If you have a reason to do what you are doing. If you have awkward hand movements it will be unnatural. If you have motivation to do any twist, turns etc. it will be natural. Just my opinion.
  7. Have card to be forced on top. Spread cards and have them touch any one. Pull it out, put it on top, do a double lift. Boom.
  8. Ye I have to agree with you dude the cross cut force is so simple yet fools them every time in my opinion!
  9. Yes thanks for your reply dude really helped! The classic force works about that many times for me as well and if it doesnt I just perform a back up trick I have planned.
  10. Also effective :)
  11. ye^^ exactly the reason why I dont perform the slip force it looks to unnatural!
  12. Dude I said force not control
  13. nice sharing dude
  14. No problem dude :)
  15. With some changes it can also be used as a force. Think about it.
  16. Very true, i even use the classic when It's not even needed.......Just hope for the best haha
  17. I suppose it sort of depends on whom you're performing for. If I am performing for the everyday layman, the Hindu works just as well as the classic or any other. I think what were missing is that forces do the same thing with different methodology; it's similar to the color change in that there are so many now that essentially do the same thing. I think that the magi should learn as many forces as possible so he may force any card at any position; however, the ultimate goal of the performer is to make the force as natural and comfortable as possible.
  18. What about the Riffle force? It is easy and looks pretty natural when done right.
  19. I wouldn't say the riffle force is the most natural, but it is one of the most effective. It also looks great when done right.
  20. I'm sort of under the belief that most forces are natural in looks, to magicians. Nothing beats a classic force, spreading the cards and they take a card out...what can be more more "Natural"? Also you gotta realize, cards are becoming less and less common in day to day life for the general laymen. The entire notion that you are reaching into your pocket and producing a deck of cards instead of a 4g hephaluffugus mobile computer, which doubles as a cellular phone, is in itself becoming less of a natural thing to do. My point, use a force you're comfortable doing because it is all unnatural to general lay audiences.

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