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The most revolutionary one handed flourish

Oct 19, 2007
im srry and im not trying to mean but to me I dont see anything "revolutionary" here and thats just my opinion

maybe try this in like a trick or something and make a vid

edit*: srry lol I didnt see your description lol
Jan 31, 2008
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You must take a look at this first to understand even if the video was taken down:


if you like it, check out my signature :D

DUDE! Thanks for posting this up! I've been wanting to see this since I first read that thread! LOL, many applications.... hilarious, loved the quotes especially :D 5/5, this is truly revolutionary, can't wait to learn this, it might actually be better than static! Thanks for the laugh :)
This subject was the first thread ive ever read on T11 and it was the first one I replied to! lol
Ive been waiting to see what it was just like Darian....LOL
This is priceless!:D
The quotes were awesome......especially Trashmanf's and DB2
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