The Nucleus Cut

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    hey everyone check out my new tutorial (first tutorial) for my false cut known as "Nucleus." its very, very simple, and retains a full deck stack! don't expect much this is kind of a experimental vid, and Ive got alot of crappy review about it lol
    please leave comments and enjoy!
  2. Eh... Nope. Not exactly a good one. Keep trying, though, you have potential.

    - harapan. magic!
  3. this wasn't very great, I prefer de_lux's "rotor cut" which this kind of resembles to me except without the cool rotations.
  4. Doesn't look flasy at all. This isn't really original too... I mean lots of people can come up with it.

    And I don't really like the name of it, I mean... what does this have to do with cells? I know it can be just a name, but... I am learning about these kinds of things right now in school and it doesn't really fit the move.
  5. As i always say, good on you for making a tutorial. Even though it is fairly simple it is the firststep to creativity. Taking current moves and putting them in different orders. THe next step is to let alien comcepts flow into your hands and flare through your deck....

    It is so satifying when yo can do your own CReation smoothly.


  6. Nothing new, nothing original and no flow either...

    You shouldn't feel the need to teach moves unless you are sure they are original and not just a combo of things done before.

  7. well wat does the molecule cut have to do with molecule?
  8. hmmmm well i gess no one is realy "diging" my "new cut"... i thought so. well i dont expect you guys to expect to much out of the cut. and i agrre with you guys, its not original and i gess it doensnt flow. cus infact this was my first tutotrial, and it was kinda of a experiment.
    wel thakn for the critisisem
  9. I have no idea, but nucleus is a pretty weird name compared to the molecule.
  10. eddie, you should really listen to "Flashcards Live" on magic broadcast... Jerry goes off on a hilarious tangent about the naming of some of these cuts - see the "Jerry's theory as to why are sybils so popular?" episode - pm me if you need a link...

    edit: found it - Episode 108 - the hilarity ensues at about 51 minutes in - EVERYONE should listen to this! very insightful and side-splitting funny :D
  11. You know, I like it. It's not too terribly difficult to do, but it is difficult for the eye to follow and it looks a lot harder than it is.

    I also think nucleus is a perfectly sensible name. The nucleus is the center - whether of a cell or a molecule - and you begin by rotating out the center pack of the deck.
  12. What does "West Coast Chaos" have to do with anything?
    What does "Genesis" (a book from the Bible) have to do with anything?
    What does "Kryptonite" have to do with anything?
    What does "Madonna" have to do with anything?
    What does "Ferrari 360 Spider" have to do with anything?
    What does "00.327.0002" have to do with anything?
    What does "The Jackson 5" have to do with anything?

    Randomly named cuts and maneouvers are pretty common nowadays, as you can tell (the above mentioned are only cuts associated with Dan and Dave, there are many, many more similarly named moves around, as you'd probably know).

    Just making a point. :)

    ~The Emogician~
  13. Haha yeah I don't think the name really matters.

    Alright cut, perfectly fine for a magic routine in my opinion. Not extremely flashy, but not too easy to follow.

    However, I think the most important thing about the video was... you spelled "Revolution Cut" - "Revelution Cut." Well looking at that same frame again you spelled "packet" - "paket."

    Sorry, just had to throw that out there. :rolleyes:
  14. I already said I know most cuts are like that. I just said the name just feels weird to me with the cut.
    Also most of those cuts DO HAVE A REASON why they are named that way. GO to the D&D forums and you can see a discussion there.
  15. What's the first actual packet move in this cut?

    Rotate out the center.

    Then what do you do?

    Reassemble the rest of the deck around it.

    Nucleus (3): "The central part (of something), round which others are collected."

    So there you go!
  16. Do you even read my posts at all? I was talking about the biological meaning of the Nucleus. As in the and the "brain" of the cell...
  17. And then you said it didn't make any sense.

    So... you have a problem with using a different definition that does make sense?

    I mean, what the hell?
  18. =_=... I hate the internet.
    What I meant was, I was referring to the definition of the "brain of the cell" which I thought only had THAT meaning. And I wasn't thinking about the other meaning you have posted before.
  19. As far as I know, every definition of "nucleus" predates the internet. It seems like you're complaining that words have more than one meaning.
  20. Um guys, WTF is this???

    You are arguing about a name given to some flourish?

    The thread was a tutorial asking if it was good or not... NOT TO ARGUE ABOUT IT"S NAME.

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