The Original Tarbell course.

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  1. This week over on the Conjuring Arts they have the Mail Order version of the Tarbell Course as a free PDF. That is over 1200 pages of all types of magic. Cards coins thimbles cups and balls ropes. Close-up, parlor, and stage. History, theory, staging ect ect.

    So if you do not have the Tarbell set head over and pick it up. If you have the hard copy of the book I would get it as well since it is searchable
  2. This is so freaking cool.
  3. It is very cool I have a hard copy not of the book but of the original mail order set given to me by my mentor from when he was a child. I paid $30 for PDF when Lybrary first offered it just to have a searchable version.

    Really this is one of those MUST HAVE books.
  4. How can this be on the up and up?
  5. I think you can rely on Conjuring Arts (Bill Kalush et al) to respect copyright and only publish works they have a right to publish. You should feel no qualms about downloading it. Not even a small qualm.
  6. Just wanting to make sure. Seems almost too good to be true I guess.

  7. There were the other books in the free ebooks.

    July 7-14th: The Expert at the Card Table
    July 14-21th: Charlie Miller's favorite book Magicians' Tricks: How They Are Done
    July 21-28th: The Modern Conjurer.
    July 28th-August 4th: Robert-Houdin's Memoirs.
    August 4th-11th: Jean Hugard and Frederick Braue's Royal Road to Card Magic.
    August 11th-18th: David Devant's My Magic Life.
    August 18th-25th: Dunninger's Complete Encyclopedia of Magic.
    August 25th-September 1st: Jean Hugard's Encyclopedia of Card Tricks.
    September 1st - 8th: Brinsley Nicholson edition of Scot's Discoverie of withcraft.
    September 9th - 15th: Robert-Houdin's The Secrets of Conjuring and Magic.

    All on the up and up. They do great work over there.
  8. Thanks for the info guys just wanted to be sure.
  9. This is great! thanks!

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