The OTHER Gold Monarchs?

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  1. So a few weeks ago, I was trying to find a way to purchase one of the Now You See Me 2 chip card props that were given out during the Holiday Wheel a few years ago. Then I stumbled across this Monarch variant online. I have never seen or heard of these before. They look like normal Monarchs except they have a gold back design. That isn't to be confused with the Gold Monarchs as the actual backs are printed in gold ink with white detailing (the snakes and whatnot), while the Gold Monarchs have a black back with gold foil details.

    @Lyle Borders , @j.bayme , Sorry to single you guys out but I feel like you would be the best people to ask haha.

    Are these real? What are these from in the movie? Why have we never heard of these before? Were full decks ever produced or just the Ace of Spades? If it does exist, how can I get one? :D Mostly Joking. But I would love to know more about these, if it's not too much trouble!

    Has anyone else seen these before? Does anyone own any?

    Thank you!!!
  2. The link you posted seems to be broken, but I believe the version of the Monarchs you’re referring to are what was supposed to be the original Monarch deck. The deck had a navy back with gold line work. The Theory11 team ultimately decided that version wasn’t the best, so they destroyed a majority of those decks, but released an extremely limited amount a few years back. By far the rarest Monarch variant.
  3. The link is working for me. Weird. Here it is again. But it's not the pre-release monarchs. The part that would normally be navy is printed in gold ink while the snakes and other details are white, as with the normal Monarchs. The set that's being sold also seems to only be the Ace of Spades. Here they are:[​IMG]
  4. Are they real? Don't know. I am quite positive that those are blue-backed Monarch Aces that just look like an awful, muddy color in the photo. If that is not the case, theory11 did not make them. In that case, best case scenario they printed these as props for the movie. That said, the description said that they were from the scene where Jack disappears in a hail of cards. I can assure you that it would have been much, much cheaper and easier for the NYSM2 producers to take a couple decks for this scene from the many decks we sent them than it would have been to produce their own in a different color back, which you can never actually see in the movie. Worst case scenario is that these are fakes, not made by the NYSM2 team or theory11, but that would not be something to likely show up on a prop selling website.

    In short, theory11 did not make Monarchs with a gold back and white design, and I doubt that the NYSM2 team did either. IMO this is a bad photo of Blue Monarchs, and the person who wrote the description simply stated what he or she saw in the photos. (Notice that cards are "Made by Monarch", so the person who wrote that copy wasn't looking for incredible accuracy.)

    How do you get one? Buy them at the site you linked.

    // L
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  5. Interesting. Thank you Lyle!!!

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