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    Intro -

    Thee Pandora System is not just a trick. It is a utility. Included with your package you get your Pandora System DVD along with a funky little gimmick that you won't know what the heck to do with until you start watching the DVD.

    Production Quality -

    As I say with most of my reviews, production quality on a magic DVD is something I really don't care for. Of course, I know there are still those HD junkies that get a little excited any time Theory 11 releases any video. (I'm guilty when I read real HD in the preview to Genesis...) Well while the production quality doesn't quite meet the quality of Theory 11 and Ellusionist which are way bigger than Papercrane, the production quality is still rock solid. You'll get your cool little music, live performances, detailed explanations, etc. The production of this DVD is probably the best out of all of Papercrane's other DVDs (or at least from those in which I have seen). So hats off to Papercrane for a job well done.

    Teaching -

    Shane goes over everything great. Nothing is missed, and Shane goes into more detail than he needs to on everything. So don't worry about missing anything due to bad teaching. Shane also teaches a little bit of his philosophy behind magic in general, and how he approaches sleights, his audiences, and more.

    Practicality -

    I am by no means a worker. I don't claim to be. Never did a gig in my life. So take what I say with a grain of salt. I will say this though - I have known Shane for a long time now. The Pandora System is not something he came up with to release. Shane came up with this system for his own working repertoire, and he uses it regularly. I would IMAGINE it being very practical for the worker as well. There are some clothing requirements though. You must be wearing a jacket. Shane provides an alternative method on the DVD to use a hoodie instead. For someone like me, this makes things very complicated. I may not be performing with this system now that the weather is starting to get nice. I'm trying to come up with a way to use this system in warm weather. Hopefully I will succeed.

    So this one was made for the worker, and the worker will be able to use this. For someone casual, you may have some trouble if it isn't cold out.

    Final Thoughts -

    If you're a worker - buy this. If you're just a casual performer like me, then it really depends on who you are, how you dress, etc. The magic you can pull off with this thing is incredible. And the things you can come up with on your own will be great. Again, the Pandora System is more than a trick. It's an actual utility. I'm sure people will come up with many more great uses than the ones on this DVD (which are CRAZY).

    Just keep in mind that this system was made with the worker in mind. So if you do real work with magic, then this is absolutely for you. I'd still get it as a casual performer any day, but it will be a little harder for me to perform with this now that I won't be requiring a hoodie or jacket. I may need to put it away until next Winter. It will be worth the wait though. The Pandora System is one of the best utilities I have worked with in my magic.

    Get it here.

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    While I appreciate your enthusiasm Med, from your response it's clear you do not own the sytem or you would understand its capabilities if you have any questions feel free to PM me and I'll see if I can clear them up for you.

    Doug I appreciate the review, understand the system is designed from high grade materials to insure long term use and alots you the convenience to do several effects other than just one which was clearly stated in the description.

    Don't take my word for it check the reviews at the Cafe from real workers who have bought it and actually used the system. You said it yourself your not a worker but your reviewing a worker utility. Trust me it's worth every penny my friend.


  3. Although I don't own THE PANDORA SYSTEM, I could say, without-a-doubt to not overlook this. I've been following the Cafe, and THE PANDORA SYSTEM has been getting highly praised. Second of all, I feel that Shane's material is underrated, he puts his heart and soul into each of his effects. Despite me being close friends with Shane, this thoughts and feelings would still hold true.
  4. #1: This effect is priced for the working magician. Someone who does restaurant gigs and the like. And gets paid to perform. (Not me)
    #2: There is no way you could rig this up for less than 10$. No way in hell. Every system is made by hand from Shane himself I believe, and it will last you a VERY long time. 100% Aluminun... With black fuzzy stuff... and Shanes signature.

  5. It is true. Shane didn't make this material to release it. I remember when Shane performed some of the effects he's released to me on webcam over a year ago just to show me routines he does at work. Shane's material is awesome.

  6. Thank you gentlemen I pride myself on creating material that's easy, visual, and practical. Having said that not everything I release is for everyone and every situation but the hobbyist can have just as much fun with the Pandora System as well. Thanks for supporting me guys you drive me to do what I do.


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