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  1. I just bought the Trilogy, and I was watching the queens trick. The last queen they vanish with a little shake, but they don't explain this move and I really wanted to learn that because it looks pretty cool. How come they don't explain it? And what is the move called?

  2. That move is called the clipshift. It is on the Surfaced DVD by Chad Nelson which is available on the D and D website. They don't teach it because it is not their move to teach. It is a much better move then what they teach, that is why they use it, also to help promote the Surfaced DVD. The clipshift is much more difficult. Hope this helps.
  3. As stated, this move is called the clipshift and is taught in Chad Nelson's DVD Surfaced at Dan and Dave's website. This is a good DVD but the move does take quite a bit of practice, as anyone will say.
    You can find many threads with this same topic using the search function, by the way.
  4. Thanks guys!! I'll check it out :)
  5. If you are not willing to put in the time and practice you can do a bottom palm change.
  6. Be aware that clip shift takes a lot of months to perfect it. I know that I am not consider myself a master on this. I am still working on it. I agreed with magicman1212, if you want to achieve it, many time and dedication is needed.
  7. Should we let him know about the Jones change as well? lol :)
  8. If it was already stated, then please, save your energy and don't re-type the same post as was previously posted.
  9. well that post was even more pointless now wasn't it? nothing wrong with him confirming that I was correct .
  10. Oh, by the way, I'm sick of the bull**** that goes on in this forum. Save it.
  11. I know that they explain it wrong, I've already seen the correction in the media section. Thanks anyway :)
  12. Haha, cool cool. If you like The Queens, you should also check out the original routine by Bill Goodwin, which I actually much prefer over the D&D version - especially the original production, where the queens appear one by one as you rub the deck. Saw it performed today, it was brilliant.
  13. i checked youtube for the performance but could not find it can you post a link to bill goodwins perfomance, thanks
  14. er....that sounds a link.
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    To the clipshift:

    the clipshift is, as I think, one of the most diffucult controles there are!
    And isn't only a card vanish, or a change by the way...
    also on surfaced the 26-shift is explained, which is even more difficult as the clipshift...

    And if you are a beginner, I won't buy the dvd...
    Maybe later
    but if you're already pretty advanced, just BUY BUY BUY!!!!!!!
    its one of the awsomest dvd I know!!
  16. I haven't ever seen the original on YouTube - as with most of the stuff in books, it isn't very well known, and isn't butchered nearly as much either.
  17. Would you perform it and add it on youtube? to show us how it looks like ;)

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