The Queens on the Trilogy

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by LoneWolf, Dec 21, 2007.

  1. I just wanted to know how to do that change that Dave does to the last queen. Any help?
  2. Called clipshift by someone. It's not publicly released and I'm sure you're going to get bashed because everyone is tired of answering this question.
  3. It's Dan, by the way. It's Chad Nelson's Clip Shift. Not published, no one knows if he even intends to publish it. Last news I heard, is that he is not.

    No, no one can teach it to you.

  4. use the force.
  5. As far as I'm aware, Chad will teach the Clip Shift along with some of its applications on a DVD he plans to produce in 2008. I believe the Buck's are involved and is producing the product as well, but I am unsure of the latter.

  6. Wow that would be great. Can't wait.
  7. Interesting.
    Very interesting.
    No one ever tells me these kinds of things anymore, anyway.. That's why I kinda quit, I feel so "out of the loop".

    (yeah, if you didn't know yet, I don't do much card stuff anymore.. not that anyone cares..)
  8. You know what sucks?

    Dan flashed on every vanish in the performance you can watch. First one, second one's break, and third one just wasn't fast enough. And you know what? He flashed on clipshift, too! Maybe noone notices because they're too busy watching the top card rather than the space behind it 2 seconds ago.
  9. Indeed he does. Way to set an example :)
  10. i think i read on the dan and dave forums that if you have the dvd reciept you can gain access to their special trilogy forum where there are some variations for the last vanish.
  11. Would a one-handed top-palm work? With a little "squaring-up" afterwards it should work...
  12. To give the illusion of a Clip Shift, most probably yes. But to be used in "The Queens" and follow it up by the production taught, then the answer is most likely no. The bottom card must be shifted, and thereby a Top Palm would do little use if the setup is to remain the same, ready for the production.

    I hope that clears things up,
  13. Yeah, I just watched the explanation again and I realised that a one-handed top-palm won't work. I'll just use the slap thingy they teach. It's a bit dodgy but whatever... I'll try and come up with a better one...:)
  14. Well yes, but it's not as good-looking as the clip shift itself. You need some misdirection on some of the variation taught by other forum members.

    I have an idea on how the clip shift works, but it is also hard to do it right... so I can be wrong and I don't want to pick up bad habits like I did on some of the other sleights and flourishes.
  15. I use a variation where once you have the bottom card you quickly slide it on top with your left hand. At the same time you slide down your right hand. I think it looks better than the slap
  16. You could also use the "Revolution Color Change" from David Forrest's Trickery DVD set. It would work perfectly here.
  17. I really like this trick and performance is tricky.
    but if you get the sleights that suit you best and can pull em off it is SLICK.


    p.s someone said that Dave (or was it dave?) flashed in the performance.

    Well i just wondered whether you watched how it was done then saw him flash it or whether your first time VIEWING you spotted it.

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