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  1. The queens by Dan and Dave, for all the people that perform this trick, does it get a good reaction by your audience or does it get a standard ok that was pretty good or just ahh they're gone...?

  2. You're probably not going to get anybody running off screaming with The Queens, you won't get that sort of reaction with any of the effects on The Trilogy.

    The Queens is something i'd do in a more relaxed setting for 1 or 2 people, it will probably just get a 'wow, that's cool' reaction but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes super powerful effects just aren't appropriate.
  3. The first time I saw the Queens trick I was actually incredibly disappointed. I didn't even feel that I had witnessed anything magical (actually, it was like that for a lot of the tricks on the trilogy: only exception for me was hoffzy osbourne and twinsplit remix). It seemed to me it would be obvious to any spectator that the magician was simply somehow turning the queens face down (The fact that the performance on the dvd flashes horribly didnt help either). The only vanish that caught me was the clipshift vanish, and that wasn't even explained.

    I wouldn't perform the Queens simply because of my initial response to it. Dan and Dave's flourishes are amazing, but their magic really isn't all that great.
  4. The only reson i thought the tricks on the trilogy was amzing is that you could do all of them with a normal deck. Stuff like subway, twinsplit remix, swiss maide, and deja vu looked mpossible without dupes or something. The queens is not the best effect on there but in my opinion, its the best impromptu effect on the trilogy.
  5. This is probably my favorite trick and one that ive put the most time into by far. It doesnt really get amazing reactions but it does show that you have skill and separates you from their nephew that does card tircks (21 or other self workers.) So if it fits your style of presentation its great.

    If you wanna make sure that it hits hard make sure you take your time vanishing each of the queens so the magic has a chance to set in. And if your not going to combine it with collectors (still impromptu) then make sure that you put a lot of time into the production. That will make or break the trick a lot of times
  6. I use the queens effect for those "show me a trick" situations. Either that or an opener just to show something basic. I don't usually incorporate it into a routine.

    I'm surprised no one has mentioned Tivo 2.0. That is such an amazing trick. The first time I saw the tricks on the trilogy, they all gave the reaction "oh that's cool, I can pretty much figure out what he's doing though." When I saw Tivo 2.0 my mind was blown. And the same goes for my spectators. Most of my friends have seen all of my tricks. When I showed them this, their mind was blown as well
  7. I think The Queens can really showcase some skills (if performed nicely). It is a little something that looks really cool to add to your performance. If you have done a few pretty intense ace tricks you could say something like "Hey lets put the aces away and put the queens in the spotlight for a moment". So basically my view is that I think The Queens isn't a hardcore reaction effect but just something that leaves the audience knowing you got crazy skisillz (almost like skittles but way cooler).
  8. thats the only thing that sucks with DnD's effects they don't get much reactions from laypersons but great to show off your skills to magicians coz we tend to apreciate the technical aspect of the effect and layman just dont get it.... plus this tricks less 0r no patter at all which is a huge part of presenting an effect...

    i'd say the trilogy tricks are best for openers.. never as closer...

  9. Perhaps the best reaction I’ve got from The Queens was when I was at a convention a few years ago, and I performed to a small group of people of both magicians and laymen alike. Upon the last vanish the group went crazy; it was a lot of fun and I would certainly tell the vanish hit the spot. The fantastic thing was how much natural misdirection that created; no-one was taking a good look at my hands at that moment, which left my free to do the production. When they looked back, they then saw a display of four Queens in my left hand; and that is when they went stir-fry.

    However, other than that the only other reactions I’ve got from this effect is a “Wow, how’d you do that?” – as opposed to a big shocking moment. In hindsight however, it actually isn’t a bad reaction at all.

  10. I can usually get reasonably good reactions with this because I make the Queens disappear and then I make the deck vanish, leaving the Queens.

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