The Red Envelope Contest : Day Ten - Winners List

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jonraiker, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. Day Ten in our Red Envelope holiday contest has arrived! Tonight's winners will receive a $25.00 gift certificate to theory11. Our little way of saying thanks this holiday season! ;) Without further ado, grab your contest code(s):

    H 08491
    D 04097
    A 01459
    F 06136
    C 03196
    A 01785
    B 02632
    R 02129
    W 09657
    H 08629

    Congrats guys! Think you're a winner? Email for information on how to claim your prize!

    Not a winner tonight? We still have nine more days of drawings to go. Be here tomorrow night at 11:00pm EST. See you then!
  2. by ONLY one number.

    Had my hopes up again, didn't you t11!

    Haha, congrats to everyone who did win!
  3. well i won. thats neat
  4. Arghhh I had my codes yesterday but I've lost them now... can't check them.
  5. Hello mr raiker,

    could you please put up the names of the members who won tonight? That would really help.

  6. You shouldnt be expecting to win now. Dont you want the bigger prizes?!
    Im relieved.
  7. I was off by 2 numbers hahahaha!

    But congrats to the winners!!
  8. Man... i was off one of the numbers by 20

    oh well, still waiting for day 4 i think? talking to an artist... either that or the year supply of cards.. but i'd rather talk to Daniel Madison..

    Congratulations to those who won!
  9. True, true.

    But if I don't win later, then I wish I could have have now.
  10. oooh so close lol. Congrats to the winners!!
  11. OMG I actually wonnnn :)
  12. What are the letters for?
  13. Congrats man!
  14. Ha me too. I'm not going to be here for the last 8 days can I still redeem my prize even tough I'm late?
  15. If you get a free entry in your email, you don't get a letter. If you order online you get red envelopes with your order that contains codes for raffle for the giveaway.
  16. Off by ten. That's sucks. It always a chance for tomorrow.
  17. Just to clarify - each of the free contest codes sent via email do, in fact, contain a letter that preface the number sequences. If you were sent something otherwise, shoot me a PM with full info.
  18. what about the 1-on-1 purchases. Is it still the winning code will be an email address? just asking since no email address' have been winning codes yet.
  19. The Red Envelope Contest Day Ten Winners List

    btw the only person that can give The Ten Commandments is itachi and he doesnt talk to you. So this is all a lie
  20. Congrats Chris!

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