The Red Envelope Contest : Day Two - Winners List

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jonraiker, Dec 30, 2009.

  1. Day Two in this year's Red Envelope holiday contest has arrived. Tonight's winners will receive an incredible prize - a year's supply of playing cards (144 decks) of your choosing, on the house! Without further ado, check your contest code(s) below:

    C 03853
    H 08925

    Think you're a winner? SAVE your contest card and email for information on how to claim your prize.

    Not a winner tonight? There is still ONE day left to enter! Be here tomorrow night at 11:00pm EST for the final grand prize drawing - a trip to Magic-Con, all expenses paid.

    Be sure to check out our Holiday Gift Guide promotions, ending tomorrow night at 11:00pm EST. Take advantage of exclusive discounts while you still can!
  2. so who won?
  3. off by 10 darn
  4. I won wooooooooo!!!!
  5. REALLY!? No effing way!
  6. coongrats jack! hey wanna send me 12 deckks?haha

  7. You'd better be kidding. Or I'm gonna rip off your face and roast it over an open fire.
  8. ...

  9. ......I have to enter to win right? I think I should get a consolation prize...
  10. You can enter for free, just so ya know. Check out the contest page. :)
  11. Same thoughts here HAHA, he probably is meaning some lame joke like I won a chance at tomorrows prize or I won nothing, HAHA :D
  12. Ya I was making it up :p I thought it would be funnier then it was.
  13. Curse...Curse again

    man, i wanted this one.. and day 4 as well
  14. Ok, I have to win the 'Grand Prize' or else...
  15. saw a C, went Yayyyyy!!....oh wait, never mind....:p
  16. Would have liked this one. Congrats to whomever won.

    There`s always tomorrow....
  17. This one seems like the BEST one. I don't know what I would do with 144 decks. I cherish T11 decks; I used the same deck of guardians for over 9 months before retiring it. LOTS of shows.

    I am thinking it would partially suck if you got this many cards though... Like, you would use them all (2 years or so) and then they would never be as nice as before because you would be spoiled to the quality. And then normal bikes would feel like dollar store cards... :p
  18. Gosh! I won 36 decks from 2007 holiday contest and this one is different. *frown* I know who might must be foreigners.
  19. dang was really hoping to win this one......
  20. Weren't we all...

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