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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by AceHoudin, Aug 11, 2013.

  1. How's this idea on a color changing deck? Despite the handling, it's quite simple and I would just like some opinions on it. Right now it's just a dead end idea but I'd love to hear some advice or critiques. Here's the video
  2. This product already exists. Also, your handling is painfully awkward and tight. You really need to focus on handling the deck in a natural way even when you can't show the whole thing.

    By the way, are you just tossing all your half formed ideas out to see what sticks like so much spaghetti on the wall?
  3. No, I don't consider them half formed, I see them as dead ends. Sure they are incomplete, but I'd rather hear some input before I toss these ideas to the side. I don't care if these "spaghetti" tricks are worthless to some. In reality, some might come up with new ideas or handlings for these dead end ideas and figure out a whole new application to a deck I posted that noone seemed to care for. There might be that one guy that realizes "you know what, if i attach some invisible string to that Portals deck, it would suck cards back into the middle." Or another that realizes that if you turn certain cards in the reverse deck, you can change it three times.
    So, yes I will keep throwing spaghetti at the wall not to see if it sticks, but so others can pick a piece and turn it into a great idea.
  4. It's a nice idea, but the Color changing deck has been around for ages and like Christopher mentioned. You're handling of the deck seemed incredibly paranoid stilted.

    One of the better versions of the Color Changing deck I have seen is David Williamsons. When he's done performing it, he simply just scatters the cards on the table in a big mess as if to say "Yeah, so what.. They're just playing cards."
  5. side is blue, the other side is red. I'm sorry, AceHoudini, I don't mind that you give ideas for us to ponder, but please learn a few forms of basic finesse. You don't need to reverse spread those cards. If you want to reverse spread them, make it more natural. Because the faces are normal, you could give a quick spread as a convincer. I don't even mind if you produce the video at a low frame rate so that it can skip over some flashing (ur ego change). I don't really want to make this a rage comment, but I am not sure if you should be tossing out these types of ideas yet (your videos time and time again show that you don't have familiarity/finesse to compensate for new tricks).

    I suggest you practice ur current sleights/flourishes so that you can better your videos (at least make yourself look casual, not suspicious). If you learn new sleights, you will also have more in your arsenal to think of better tricks.

    (Goes back to a calmer voice) I only have one deck color change: Splicer by Zach Mueller. It is really good because it allows flexibility with the cards, and freedom for presentation. Knowing a deck switch (which I do) is also really useful, because Splicer itself gives enough amazement and misdirection to execute it for the actual deck (say, color change from reds to blues or faces to blanks).
  6. I want to give some basic advice.
    I can see that ur spread is tight, but you want to show all the cards (as if we might know something). That isn't good, because that kills whole point of making the cards look normal. Don't run if you aren't being chased.
    I also see that you sometimes reveal entire faces of the card, despite your tight spread. Almost no one would do that. It almost implies that we are assumed to believe that a portion of the card is gimmicked. This is probably the biggest reason why I figured the trick out, or why people can figure the trick out. Again, Don't run if you aren't being chased.

    I still hope that you can learn/hone your sleights, because it seems that you try to think of innovative ideas. It just so happens that all of them already exists and are commonly known, and that you can't execute the moves casually.

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