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  1. I just received my copy of The Rice Papers with Homer Liwag. Yes, he was shipped to my house also. (That was a joke, in case anybody caught that. I know it wasn't very funny. I was just shooting for a bit of comic relief.)

    I was very pleased with this DVD. Homer is a delightful guy. His effects are great, and I will go in more depth. There are three effects/routines, whatever you'd like to call them.

    The first one is,

    Body Contact

    Basically the story is that you take out your contact. The twist is, that its HUGE, and utterly impossible to fit in your eye. Then you show that it is only made of rubber, but then proceed to magically turn it back to hard plastic or even glass. You put it away, and then produce a pair of glasses.

    I do like this routine. My favorite kind of magic is close-up where things produce themselves, and look like real magic. This is a workable routine. It will take some practice, but isn't a knuckle buster.

    -Homer teaches subtleties to finesse this routine.

    -He also gives you final tips and thoughts on the the effect

    Second is,


    So for Fogged, it is like a rewind type routine. Where you start of with a blank card, and in stages, you restore it back to the original card.

    This routine is great. Its very visual. Homer shows you how to make the gaffs, and how to use them obviously. The main thing that I like about this is that it looks just about as good in real life, as it does in the trailer for the DVD, except for the fact that it doesn't flash every time you do a color change. ;)

    The third and final routine on the DVD is,


    The idea of this one is that you start off with a mini sharpie, and you visually 'stretch' it to a normal sized one. There is a nice little surprise in this routine that you can perform if you choose. Then you can proceed to change the sharpie into almost whatever you'd like.

    This routine is my favorite by FAR. It fits my style of magic perfectly. Its everything that I want in a routine. Plus it got my creative juices flowing, and I came up with a variation that uses lighters instead of sharpies.

    Overall, this was an awesome DVD. I read AsherF's review, and as he said, there is a lot of room for originality.

    I highly recommend this DVD, and for only $19.95, its a steal!
  2. a agree with the above all three effecs are good and marksmanship is my fav fromt his DVD, i have yet to use any of the routines, my stage is the street and i can not wait to incorperate this into my routines. good review man. peace
  3. Thanks for the input man! I appreciate it.
  4. I recently did a test run with Body Contact as my opener at a strolling gig I had last week. It played very well with my spectators and it definitely set the mood for magic.
  5. Very cool man! I performed a variation of it with lighters instead of markers, at a festival the other day, and it hit hard. :)
  6. I don't think i'll incorporate any of the effects in my routine, but Homer is really fun to watch man, his thinking is like no other. And he's so suave with his effects. He's an true artist, entertainer, and a brilliant mind....

    The ball point pen thingy is my favorite far....
  7. I understand exactly where your coming from. Every single effect on the DVD is perfect for my repertoire, but I'm only using Body Contact. As soon as I saw it performed, I knew that I had to put my own spin on it, and incorporate it into my act for sure. I agree. The jumbo ball production is great, and my favorite part of the routine is the cell phone transformation at the end. Its so visual and magical.

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