The so called orbinase change

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  1. Okay guys so first off, this is not meant to be an argument or a flame session but rather a place were I myself, and hopefully some other people can come to a logical conclusion.

    First off the orbinase change:

    Came across it a while back, and then I posted a video of a change I had created independently, with no knowledge of Chris Brown's move, or any other similar change.

    This is my color change, whichpeople are saying is the same as the orbinase change:

    Im unsure of the way chris accomplsihes his change, but the fact that my hand CAN NOT leave the deck prior to the change leads me to believe the two techiniques are different.

    Either way, both of are moves bear a striking resemblance to a move I saw Roger Curzon do, but do not know the name of.

    You can view Roger's move at 1:15 in this video:

  2. Magicians need to learn what people in the music community are starting to learn. There are only so may cords and notes in music, any progression you create you can't own. You can take credit for the lyrics or the way you present the cords, but you can't own them. Odds are someone else has already created something similar or the same; you can't accuse them of stealing your idea even if your's was created first.

    The same is with magic, you can't really own the moves, because odds are some one else has "made them up" as well. What you can own is how you present it, how you make it unique to you. I mean when you buy a magic DVD and learn the effect someone else has created do you not have the tendency to change somethings or alter its presentation or am I the only one?
  3. Roger Curzon's change uses just a normal bottom palm i think.
    Chris' change uses some kind of lateral palm.
  4. The move that Roger Curzon does is Erdnase's "Sixth Method for the Two Hand Transformation", or "Transformations, Two Hands, Sixth Method", or however you want to notate it. Chris Brown clearly states that his technique derives from an Erdnase technique, which I imagine was this one. It's just my opinion, but the Octo Change doesn't seem to share this lineage. However, I don't know the method, so maybe it does bear some similarity.

    Dan, probably the easiest way to settle it would be for you to have a look at the method for Erdnase's change and see if you think if it resemble's your technique.
  5. Thanks guys. I can say now tha they definitely arent the same because my steal happens from the middle of the deck, not the bottom.
  6. hey man

    sorry about the confusion I'll post up my move to show there is a difference.
  7. this had nothing to do with your move
  8. Lol i know. Not sure what he was getting at.
  9. your octo change looks like a very solid SWE shift lol but it it pretty differnt from the orbiniese change
  10. They both look great and I agree about this and music. Nothing is new under the sun. BTW where can I learn Roger Curzon's material. Preferably the move after 1:15 where he shows the bottom card and it changes when he grabs it.
  11. I have no idea where any of Curzon's material is taught...
  12. Oh for goodness sakes, do some research. It took me under a minute to find 5 different publications involving Roger's work - some as a compilation of his work, and other situations where he contributed pieces to magazines.
  13. Here's a great place to start:

  14. I agree with this. You're never going to get anywhere if you just expect to have everything handed to you on a silver platter. How hard is it to type somebody's name into Google and research the available material yourselves? COME ON PEOPLE!! PUT THE EFFORT IN AND YOU"LL BE REWARDED!!!

  15. To me your's and Chris's look very similar to the Gorilla change, correct me if I'm wrong. Just my thoughts

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