The Summer Is Upon Us! What are YOUR Plans/Goals?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sinful, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. Great to see the responses coming. I just added a fourth goal for myself.

    New iPhones came out today... Need one now....

  2. I wanted it one, but couldn't afford to switch to ATT (Have Verzon on a family plan right now.) So instead had to trade my asstastic RAZR for an Alias 2 which is pretty neat.

    I've got lots of reading to do. In July I'll be reading up on Mentalism and possibly still working on coin and card magic as well.
  3. THis summer I am going to be searching for stoke and conditioning for football. This saturday I am going to be trying to get a chance to win a trip to Sorcerers safarie camp through my IBM MAGIC ring and I hope I get it.
  4. Well I dont have any goals I just do stuff. I hope to get more time to do some street magic, and I already have 2 small stage shows planned I want to improve my patter more and get better at flourishing, and finish working out kinks on this 1 trick I am creating. Magic wise. Other stuff. Beat my PR for the 1 mile (at 5:58 now) and run a 5K in under 20:00.
  5. Holy crap.
  6. I agree with Tumbleweed. You're insane! (I mean insane in the best way possible.):eek:

  7. ya I like running......... a lot
  8. Well I'll be buying my new bike, and hope to prepare for the 100mile bike race next year. But magic wise I'll just be practising and performing like usual.
  9. Doug, can't wait to meet up in NYC for a jam session.

    I'm planning on improving my presentation for a few certain effects that I have in store.
  10. Looking forward to it. :)

  11. Ah summer, time for relaxing, sun, reading books, and jobs... Ech.

    I have a short film in pre-production that should begin shooting in a couple weeks time, I hope to complete that by mid July. Hopefully it turns out great.

    As far as magic goes I need to get back into performing regularly. I used to perform street all the time but I've been incredibly busy writing, producing, and running around on sets. I just need to take a couple of days and grab a camera man to start performing!

    Also get back into regularly contributing here. :D

  12. Write the Panik Manifesto

    Work very Hard in my job (architect)

    get a lot of money, so I can buy all the upcoming stuff

    and... get a girlfriend
  13. Might I recommend a few ideas for you coin magic ventures.

    - T.O.O.C.
    - David Roths "Expert Coin Magic" ( For later)
    - Bobo's of course ( Already mentioned)
    - Stars of Magic ( Original)

    Just a few extras for you.

    Anyways my goals for this summer.

    - Do more charity work
    - Finish Blackline Magic's Site
    - Finish reading Harry Loraynes Apocalypse (6-10yrs.) Thats a big accomplishment on it's own.
    - Purchase Malone meets Marlo series.
  14. Shane... I have news for you. The only thing you should be doing is planning how you're going to get up here to NJ or NYC! Meeting up with Ryan for dinner on Tuesday. YOU SHOULD BE WITH HIM!:(

    Anyway, I own TOOC. Gotta go through it in detail still. Love it. David Roth's work I understand is amazing. Stars of Magic is right below Card Control in my mental list of future books to purchase. Must get for sure. Thanks for the suggestions.

  15. I am actually flying to Indianapolis on the 18th for a gig there so I'll be out of the loop but if there's anyone from Indiana here hit me up. New York sounds nice right about now.:(
  16. I plan on finnishing my company's comic books and graphic novels before the dead line (alot of late nights), then I have to finish the screen plays for the movie based off of the comic books before the film studio dead line (even more late nights, Lord give me strength). Magic is going to have to wait, but since my job consits of me being on the computer 24/7, I can check in on these forums from time to time.


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