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  1. Does anybody know were the eastereggs are on the system. thanks. :)
  2. I cant tell you exactly but i know you can put the disk in your computer and bring up Windows Media Player and you can just go right down the tracks and you will find eastereggs. Some eastereggs are like "How to tell Dan and Dave apart". A diffrent short story then the original. Gone in 5 seconds or somthing like that where dan puts up a fan of cards and the silver car disappears. When you watch pasteboard animations in the computer it is longer then on the TV and so you can go to the end and keep going and it will replay on the little TV that you see in the beginning so when a monky pops out from the window where the lady is standing you hit enter and it will bring you to a hidden video of Jackson 5 and the 8 packet leno (performance only). Thats all i can remember off the top of my head so there you go and btw some of this info might not be correct becaue i was to lazy to check.


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