The System - Kryptonite Please Help

Jan 15, 2008
in the royal court
hey i have been trying to learn kryptonite, from the system i know a few cuts i have learned but kryptonite, i just cant never get it i can never do it right... please any tips or help. it will all be appreciated much
Nov 22, 2007
The finger with the packet under it - the index finger, does not need to move for the first half of the revolution. Your thumb pushes the pack 90 degrees around the index finger until it gets to the ring finger. Once it's against your ring finger, your index figer curls in, sortof towards the deck, which will make the packet spin another 90 degrees.
Mar 4, 2008
I had the same problem. Took me about a week and a half to get it under. Funny thing is, if you already know how to do the 1-handed shuffle, this is a very easy move. And if you didn't know before you started kryptonite, the 1-handed shuffle is almost natural once you've mastered kryptonite.
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