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  1. The T&R Project:


    A DVD set featuring Huron Lows work on the T&R plot...

    Fire in the Hole... FOUR... and a bonus effect from Daren, 0630.

    Effect/Product: The T&R Project

    Creator Performer: Huron Low

    Format: 2 DVD set


    Price: $79, approx £40. Fire in the Hole seperately $39, approx £20. FOUR seperately $49, approx £25. 0630 by Daren is not available to purchase, it's included as a bonus for the first 500 orders.

    The DVD's-

    Before going over the material within this set, i'd like to give my thoughts on the DVD's themselves.
    Firstly the quality is great, everything in shot and clear, good sound, nicely laid out menus with everything nicely sorted into sections.
    I am happy with the DVD's and think Huron and co done a good job.

    T&R Project:

    A 2 DVD set that features Fire in the Hole (from now on known as FITH) and FOUR.

    Fire in the Hole:

    A card is selected and the spectator signs multiple parts...
    one of there signatures is cut out from the card, this piece with sig is placed in your pocket...
    You now attatch a little paper grenadey thing to the card, it is stuck over the gaping hole where there signature used to be, though is so small that it only partially covers it...
    a flame is introduced to the paper grenadey thing and 'WOOOOOSH' the card is restored in a swirl of flames.

    My thoughts-

    Yay... a fresh and unique T&R that is unlike any other.

    FITH looks absolutely fantastic, and was something I was looking forward to learning very much.
    Upon learning of it's workings, I can safely say that I am not disappointed at all, and that not only is it extremely clever and well thought out, but is practical/workable too.

    I am so happy to see something different done with T&R's, though don't think it sacrifices anything for being different... it's quite the opposite.

    Visually this is a monster, it really is... everything working together to create an amazingly visual feast for the eyes, with or without fire.
    There is one no fire version where there is no cover, you literally fuse the piece back to the card in full view.

    All versions of FITH feature a signed freely selected card... no forces.
    Fully examinable before and after... they get to keep the card.

    The handling for FITH is excellent, it's obviously been thoroughly performed and put through it's paces, with everything well routined and thought through.


    All in all there are 3 versions of the FITH gimmick taught, starting with the basic and then getting more advanced with each... also getting more seemingly impossible with each... and convincing.
    The gimmick is easy to construct, and what's needed you'll either already have, or they'll be very easy for you to obtain.

    Set-up is very quick and easy.

    Reset time is... tiny lol. It literally takes a few seconds to reset.


    The angles are good, but like many T&R's, there are some restrictions. I'd say about a 180 degrees is a sensible amount, though for some it will be more comfortable with less, and others more.
    Everything in this regard is covered by Huron, with the handling routined with angles in mind.


    Hmmm, I don't like going over difficulty too much as everyone is different and will learn/pick things up at different speeds... also I believe that if someone wants to learn something enough, then skill level doesn't really come into it as with determination and practise you can learn the effect you desire.
    With that said lol... this is not hard to pick up the mechanics, and it won't take long to get everything down... though practise practise practise... the smoother and more fluent you are with this the better.
    Even if you have never learnt a T&R in your life... this is within your grasp.


    Gimmick re-usable.
    Very quick reset.
    Easy to construct gimmick.
    Highly visual.
    Fire and non-fire versions, so all can perform this.
    Well thought through, well routined.
    Any card... no force.
    Fully examinable before and after.

    Cons- I honestly don't believe there to be any real cons, though I will try and name some things that some may consider a con to help as best I can.

    Don't end immediately clean.


    An outstanding effect, it really is just brilliant.
    Practical/workable in the real world, extremely quick reset, signed, examinable, highly visual... different.


    4 different creations...


    A card is selected and signed... one of the angels on the back of the card is coloured over with a marker... you now visually restore the angel back to it's original state.

    My thoughts-

    Well the idea is pretty good, though I have to admit that im not too keen on this one as I feel the ink disappearing is kinda meh... this does not mean the effect is bad though as the gimmick and handling are good, and in the right place the effect will very likely play really well... I myself will not be performing this version though.

    The ink does appear to kinda just morph away, with no cover used or anything, and so the visual aspect is nice... very nice actually, it's very visual.

    This has been well routined so that everything makes sense when it comes to the motions etc.


    The gimmick takes more work than FITH, and is harder to make... but not hard overall. You'll need a couple of things to construct the gimmick, though many magis will have what's needed, if not... well it's either a magic shop or do it yourself deal.
    Once made the gimmick can be used over and over again.

    Set-up is quick... just need the gimmick on you and it's basically a couple of seconds.

    Reset is instant.


    Hmmm... i'd say about 180 degress, maybe a tad less.


    This is very simple and easy to perform, and is something that will not offer any real trouble for anyone wanting to learn.


    Pretty easy to construct gimmick.
    Gimmick re-usable.
    Instant reset.
    Highly visual.
    No cover during restore.
    Freely selected and signed card.
    Well routined.


    Well while not really a con, Angel Redux is the better option in my opinion, and so I will not be performing this.
    Card must be brought back to deck momentarily before handing out.
    Though they can feel the ink is permanent on there sig, they cannot try and rub it off the angel.


    A very visual effect that is nice and simple to accomplish... but for me Angel Redux is the one to use.
    A really good effect though, and im sure there'll be others who really like the idea of the ink visually morphing away.

    Angel Redux-

    A hole is cut into a selected and signed card... now, with no cover, you cause the hole to regenerate... that's right, this is not a flash restoration, but a slow reconstruction of the missing piece.

    My thoughts-

    Yeah, this is great...

    This is a variation of Angel, but instead of the ink, this has the slow regeneration of a hole... in full view, with no cover.

    Visually amazing, looks really magical... the hole just seems to gradually heal itself.

    Very well routined.


    The gimmick is the same as Angels, with a slight modification, so everything I said about that goes for this.

    Set-up is nice and easy... just need the gimmick on you.

    Reset is basically instant, infact it could be done instantly.


    Same as Angel.


    Same as Angel.


    Same as Angel... but with one extra... they actually see the hole be removed.


    Needs to be brought back to the deck momentarily... I know it's no big deal, but if I had to be harsh.


    An amazingly visual effect that is easy to perform, is well routined... and different.

  2. Hotspot-

    A 2 phase tear and restore... first a chunk is ripped from a card, then with a rub is restored... now you rip a chunk out again, and this time put the piece in your mouth... now with no cover, you spit the piece back on, restoring the card to it's former glory.

    My thoughts-

    I really like this one...

    The first phase is great in itself, but then the second phase is just fantastic... together they make for a fresh and fun T&R.

    The visuals are great, with the first restoration just seemingly happening with a rub, then the second you spit the piece back on... with no cover what so ever.

    Well routined and with a very clever gimmick/handling.


    The gimmick is so simple to construct, and most will already have all that is needed at home... if not you'll easily find what's needed close by.
    Honestly... you'll be able to construct this gimmick with no problems at all, and in no time at all.
    Gimmick not re-usable.

    To set-up, you need to place the gimmick in your preffered forcing position.

    Reset... well... no lol, won't be happening in front of anyone.


    Hmmm... not too sure... I myself like to have the specs more infront of me, without them being towards my sides. Not quite 180 degrees... well not for me anyway... and when I say not quite, I really mean not even close lol.
    For me it's about 100 degrees safety cone... but depending on how comfortable you are with this, it is possible for the angles to be better than that.


    Ergh... hard to say... this is not as easy as the others, and will need quite a bit of practise to get it looking how it should.
    Then again it's not exactly difficult lol... oh I really don't know... let's just say it's more difficult than the others.


    Highly visual.
    Signed card.
    Clever handling/gimmick.


    Gimmick not re-usable like the others.
    Card not freely selected... forced.
    Can't reset infront of anyone.
    Dirty at end.


    I love this, both phases work well together and the overall routine is great. It is more difficult, and it's not as free as the others, but overall it's a great effect that is well worth learning and performing.

    Making Ends Meet-

    A piece by piece T&R... but like everything else in this set, it has something different to offer.
    On the third piece to be restored, you restore it on the wrong side... then you cause the piece to slowly make it's way across to it's correct positioning.
    Now the last piece has changed colour... or not... or you can restore the final piece mismatched.

    My thoughts-

    A very nice piece by piece with a couple of added twists... one being the moment a piece that has been restored wrong, and then visually makes it's way to it's correct position... amazing.
    You can also en this multiple ways, from a 3 piece restoration with colour change, to just 3 piece restoration, to full restoration with the last piece restored mismatched.

    Visually this is very nice, and is very convincing and deceptive. But there is more to this than just how visual the restorations are... the mismatched restored piece that moves to it's correct position is such a fantastic idea, it really brings this into it's own and really makes this effect for me.
    On top of that there is the various endings of a colour change, or a full restoration with mismatch.

    The routining/handling is fantastic, very well thought out and really clever.


    The gimmick is slightly diff depending on if your gonna fully restore or not, or if your gonna colour change etc... if you wanna colour change or have a full restoration that's mismatched then the set-up is obviously longer.
    The actual gimmick, if you were not gonna mismatch etc is beyond simple... but why just do a straight restoration... there are far too many of those... I want unique and fresh takes on the plot and so mismatched or colour change def the way to go.
    Though not overly difficult, the set-up will take a bit of getting used to, though once you have the knack it's easy.

    Set-up is quick and easy.

    Reset is not gonna be happening unless you make up and carry multiple gimmicks... or do a straight restoration, in which case the reset would be simple and easy.


    Same as others really, maybe tad less, but overall about the same.


    Ok, this is def the hardest to get down smoothly and become efficient at... well for those who are not used to T&R's anyway... others will find this easier, but if this is your first foray into T&R's then you'll need to really work on getting this smooth.
    Other than that, this is a nice handling that works great.


    Clever handling.
    Mismatched piece that corrects itself.
    Can be fully restored with last piece mismatched.


    Card must be forced if doing the mismatched full restoration or color change.
    End dirty.
    Gimmick not re-usable.


    A great handling with some fantastic additions, and it's very deceptive. Various ways to end this effect, and... well... it's just great.
    The moving piece really makes this for me... im sure this won't be for everyone as many already have there piece by piece T&R's of choice, but this does offer something other than the straight restoration... I love it.

    Anything extra:

    Well on top of all the explanations etc, Huron also has sections with him explaining/introducing the individual effects, aswell as a section on extra thoughts and subtleties etc.
    Also there are 2 different explanations for each handling, one from specs pov, other from magis.
    There is so much info packed into this, he really has done his best to bring us everything that goes into these effects.


    The teaching through out both FOUR and FITH is top notch, Huron explains everything well, and is very clear on what is happening at any given moment.
    You get taught from both specs and magis pov, meaning that you really do get a great understanding of each effect.

    Complete Overall:

    Wow... what more can I say... this is an amazing set that contains the best T&R's I have ever come across. They are fresh, unique, Practical/workable, extremely visual, well routined, well thought out, fully worked on and tested and refined...
    For me this is the best work ive seen on the T&R and I will be sing these from now on.
    Huron Low done a great job teaching and discussing his effects, his thoughts on them and T&R's in general, and was fun to watch.
    An excellent set.

    0630 by Daren:

    This was given as a bonus to the first 500 pre-orders/orders..

    A card is selected and signed, then the card is torn into 4 pieces, and restored in a weird and mismatched way.
    Also can be restored normally.

    My thoughts-


    That word is a good way to describe this T&R.

    Visually this effect is amazing, the pieces just seem to fuse on, and everything is so fair and open.

    The method is so simple and clever, and very quick to set-up... well for the straight restoration.
    The advanced mismatch version requires more work beforehand, but allows for a great souvegneir.


    The gimmick to allow for mismatch will take a bit of work, and may take a bit to pick up the knack for constructing.
    The actual gimmick that accomplishes the restorations is so clever lol, infact a lot of people will have it already, it could even be sitting directly infront of them and they'd have no idea.

    Set-up is simple and easy, and with the straight restoration you could easily be set to perform many times without taking up any real pocket space.
    Takes a few seconds to get set for this.

    Reset...very quick and easy. Not to be one infront of specs though.


    Good, easily 180 degrees with no real worry.


    Extremely easy to perform.


    Mismatched restoration.
    Extremely visual.
    Clever and easy to obtain gimmick.
    Non-mismatch version allows a card to be freely selected and signed.


    You end dirty.


    A fantastic T&R, it's easy, visual, and free lol.

    Thanks to Huron Low for releasing his material to us.
  3. Nice review buddy! I will be picking this up in the new year :)
  4. Awesome review, still waiting for my copy to arrive!

    Quick question, FITH, the piece that is ripped off, it is examinable, and even possibly, able to hand it out for inspection?
  5. Daren send you end completely clean for 0630... where you can just hand out the card after you restored it... so did he lie?
  6. Cheers.


    On the advanced version the spec can not only hold onto the piece etc, but in one variation actually rip it to shreds.

    Card is clean... you are not.
  7. Just wanted to say a quick "thanks" for the great review. I have a lot of respect for your thoughts on magic products, seeing your various reviews on the Cafe and elsewhere. Thanks again!
  8. #8 TheVirts, Dec 28, 2007
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 28, 2007
    Take a shower. :p

    Anyway, to clear up any doubts whatsoever, the card you hand out is entirely clean like y2john said.

    However, you do end dirty in the sense that you have to ditch something in the end, pretty much like most, if not all T&R's I've seen out there. I assume this wouldnt be much of a problem for anyone considering there seem to be many here who own "TORN" by Daniel Garcia. Hope that clears things up.

    And thanks y2john for the great and detailed review. :)

  9. Why Are You All Mocking Me !?!!
  10. Hey I've got a question about FITH
    do you have to use a knife to cut out the card because if i want to perform this at school me pulling a knife out isn't really a good thing
  11. Well you need something that is able to cut. Like a knife.
    Sounds like you might be better off going with FOUR. No Knifes there.

    Cheers, Tom
  12. Good point, when I was buying it I thought the same thing, but then realized that there is Angel, Hotspot, and Making Ends Meet, and 0630.
  13. I recieved my T&R (Signed) and 0630 today in the post.

    And can I just say, after all the things I have purchased in Magic, this tops them all.

    Amazing effects, amazing workings, I am just so happy.

    Huron, Daren and the rest of the Virts,
    Thank you so so much.

    If you havnt purchased it, do so.
  14. i have to agree with what's already been mentioned. this was better than i had imagined. the way Huron taught the gimmicks and tricks was very easy to follow the first time around. it was definitely something very motivating from the Fire in the Hole trick to his personality.

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