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    I don't want to sound totally noob, but I've been ignoring this fan because I just suck, and now I feel like it's time that I knew pretty much the most basic fan there is. Anyway, I've watched the fanning section on XB, I've watched the explanation on the Trilogy, I just can't seem to do the damn pressure Fan.

    I know its kind of a spring in a fan shape, but I can't seem to get it at all, I cant find the pivot point, I try and do it and cards either go everywhere or it's a shambled mess that looks nothing even resembling an arc remotely. I'm a big believe that practice will solve most problems, but I've been tying this forever and it's just getting worse so I figure there must be some simple concept I've missed.

    I know... can't do a pressure fan... even I think it's ridiculous.

    Edit: Sorry for the typo, I meant the pressure fan, I can do the thumb fan.
  2. my best suggestion is to re-watch the fanning section in XB ... dont grab a deck just watch ... study Jerry's movements closely you would be surprised what minor details get overlooked at times. after you've studied the actions diligently pick up the deck and try to incorporate all the little details you got from the video. and dont feel bad if you dont get it the first time watch the video over and over until you think your noticed all the subtleties in the movement and then practice with a deck of cards in your hands... and if even after all that you just cant get it you can always try and Join the Decknique Cam room and see if someone will help you out. the room has a max of 8 ppl at a time and usually ppl are there to jam with each other over their web cams ... but there is always someone that is willing to help. hope that helps
  3. I'm sorry to hear that. The thumb fan is just something I really really picked up on while watching it, I've tried to have my older brother do a thumb fan and it was hard for him as well.

    I don't have a deck of cards with me but try to explain a bit as I can

    Make sure you have a NEW deck of cards

    Put most of the pressure (the hand your hold the cards with) on the tip of the thumb, not to hard but not to lightly. Then when you fan it it should bevel into a fan shape..don't know if this helped any.
  4. You don't need new deck of cards to do a thumb fan.

    I guess c3rb3rus is right, you can re-watch the fanning section of XB to catch the minor details.
  5. did i mis on the terminology here ? isnt thumb fan like this first fan everyone learns and every one that practise magic knows?

    PS: fanning on full plastic deck SUX !
  6. yes it is one of the first if not the first fan that alot of ppl "learn" but there is a difference between making a fan and creating a beautiful circular fan with the thumb ... really depends how well you want youor fan to look.
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    i never manage to get a over 240 degree fan since i have rather small hand and the pivot point determine the size of the fan, but it is rather circular and smooth regardless, due to the small rad most of the index are not completely showing :/
  8. I wouldn't say fanning an over 240 degrees fan needs a large hand. I would say it's about the technique. :)
  9. any tips u would like to offer then? unless i sacrifise the size of the fan, the card will just hit the edge of my hand somewhere.
  10. Wow I'm an idiot, I actually meant pressure fan, not thumb fan. Sorry >.<
  11. my best advice is practise i know it sounds stupid but i couldn't do the pressure fan. so i just kept doing the steps until i managed a crap fan i kept on practising i am getting better though. lol i can't do the thumb fan
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    I had alot of trouble with the pressure fan as well and I still cannot do it in a nice circle, but I'm getting there (kind of got sidetracked with under pressure). I just usggest practice and don't be afraid to actually "bend" the cards because you'll need that. Other than that, take everyone else's advice as well, it should work out. :)

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