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  1. I know that the trilogy is an amazing product but i was wondering before I bought it, if there were any negatives to it. I know there have to be at least one or two. Also If you think I shouldn't get The Trilogy, what should I get instead?
  2. Are you purchasing it for magic or cardistry?

  3. They teach the Jones change wrong.... but they remedied that with a free tutorial on their site.

    Other than that it's pretty incredible.... Oh... and they don't teach the Clipshift for the queens routine, but soon after they released Surfaced by Chad Nelson.

    Literally the only two things wrong with it they've sorted. The menus are easy to navigate, the material is strong, the teaching is great and easy to follow, the crediting is strong. It really is worth every penny.

    It's honestly one of the best things i've ever bought in magic. ( I picked it up in 2007 I think ).
  4. I bought it yesterday but having no free time. If your into the serious card works then this is the right one for you.
  5. If you are a beginner than you might not want to start with this. Other than that I like it. The flourishes are worth every cent and the magic is good too. I am not the best magician but they teach the moves clearly and in detail.
  6. I agree... if you are a beginner I would not suggest starting with this. Their teaching is amazing and the tricks DVD has some awesome stuff. The flourishes are great, but some of them are pretty difficult. The everythingelse DVD has a lot of small things like the forte flourish, their version of the click change, hugh scott shuffle, and a flourishes 101 section that teaches like 20 classic flourishes and moves.

    Its a great set, but You will need a good bit of practice on a lot of it. Practice makes perfect!
  7. If you don't get the Trilogy, get a book. The new "Stars of Magic" with better pictures has got to be one of the greatest books for it's price. But there are tons and literally tons of other material. And if you get into Cardistry the Trilogy is good advanced step once you get to know the basics. The tricks are hard hitting visual effects that you don't really need to talk for. Wether that is a good or bad thing is up to you.
  8. I personally do not care for the tricks in the trilogy. This is just a personal opinion, but it's very much a "look what I can do" style of magic. At least thats the way they are presented on the DVDs. I tend to go with effects that require audience participation. So I have adapted some of them to involve the spectators more if possible.
    However the flourishes and everythingelse sections were phenominal.
  9. definitely not for beginners. The tricks i thought were a little lacking. most of them are pretty angle sensitive and i like to do tricks that can be performed surrounded. The flourishes are nuts and if you're into that you'll have a field day with um. everythingelse was awesome. if you only get one of the dvds get everythingelse. there is soo much packed in there! all pretty advanced stuff in general so you'll have your work cut out for you.

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