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  1. yeaa

    I saw it, and honestly it wasn't good what they did. They looked uncomfortable, and the effect they performed was really woowwww, like some magicians will try to figure it out, but its pretty simple how they did it and I don't think it would have amazed the people at home.
  2. The phone effect was pretty decent, and hopefully this is the effect that Oz was talking about releasing.

    The watch "steal", very bad. You can even see that he didn't even have his watch on to begin with. Whether they stole his watch before the show, or this was stooged, in my opinion, it was weak.

    The phone number revelation was also decent (especially the clever way they used a f**** bag), but the climax with the dollar bill... well it was meh, it didn't flow with the routine... and what was the point of the pizza box (YES I know it had to do with the phone number revelation) but they quickly opened and closed it, but for what? and what was inside?
  3. Hm...
    This seemed to work well for the audience and Jimmy but as everyone has said before... it didn't seem that good in the eyes of a magician.
    Each trick they did was quite good and what not but there wasn't a good flow through out.
    Ken and Oz don't seem to work well as a duo. Even though they perform nicely, I can't help but think "why those two?" If you look at duos such as Penn and Teller or Barry and Stuart, they all compliment each other in some way. Oz and Ken just seem like two magicians who work together.
  4. It always amazes me how magicians who were once fooled and amazed by magic as a kid, learn magic concepts, then see another magician and automatically down them. If you were to take off your magician goggles, you would see how magic looks to a REAL audience, you know, like before you knew "secrets". The Unseen did a great job, and they're no better than you or I. The only difference is, they are actually out there performing. Working professionals don't cater to magicians. They focus on the audience, the people who still believe. So if you can do better, I encourage you to try. Get out there and perform. That could have been you on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon!
  5. Hey, I liked it. Maybe they could have done a more dramatic presentation or whatever, but as far as I understand it things are tricky on the talk shows. You're possibly more limited in what you can perform, you have less control over the variables, there's a time crunch, etc. I don't know which methods they used exactly, but if I had no idea of magical theory I wouldn't have any ideas.

    In the end, I was smiling at the end of the clips, so I give them a win.
  6. im just happy Jimmy Fallon is finally on a show that he is supposed to look into the camera and laugh at everything he does. Not messing up SNL anymore.

    haha nice video and nice performance. is his name really pronounced Oe-Z? i always thought it was OZ like Wizard of OZ.
  7. Yeah that's how he pronounces it on his DVD's.
  8. I think it was suppose to be a joke. Inside was like a left over crust of a pizza.
    It just didn't play out(get laughs) very well.

    Maybe a total of 2 of my tricks look good in the eyes of a magician. I don't waste time learning tricks to fool magicians.
    To me, there's no need. What's more likely to happen: a magician hiring you for an event, or a layman?
  9. Danny as true as that is, even copperfield works to fool magicians, a real magician should have his own secrets not even other magicians know.
  10. and perhaps Oz and Ken do have some tricks we don't know. But to degrade them for doing a few tricks that we know how to perform is just wrong. Does that mean they don't deserve to be on tv? no.
    If I could count all the times I've seen magicians on daytime television perform magic that I knew . . .
    But, so what. It doesn't make them any less of a performer than you.
  11. I personally thought the routines were great, its just that (in my opinion), they were rushed, I think they should have gotten rid of one thing to build suspense for another.

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