The Vancouver Meeting

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  1. hey, I did this at Decknique a while ago and realzied that a couple people from theory11 live in Vancouver too.

    Well, on August the 27 ,flourishers and magicians are going to have a session as I call it and film a video. We'd probably film more flourishes but magic is appreciated.

    So if you live in Vancouver, PM or respond to this thread.

    P.S we have about 9 people
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    damn I live in Vancouver Island. so close. There are like no flourishers here. It sucks. I wanna make a jam video with someone. Oh by the way Off this topic but if any of you live around Vancouver Island, PM me.
  3. Hey, I'm on Vancouver Island too.

    Might be able to hop a ferry over, I'll see.
  4. Oh.

    August 27th? That's the day after my birthday!

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