The Vault, from Jamie D. Grant~ A new card guard.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jamie D. Grant, Feb 8, 2012.

  1. Hiya Gang!

    Well, if you're friends with me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter, you'll know I've been working on a new card guard for the last little while. It all stemmed from the need to protect the boxes that are used for Industrial Revelation a bit, because the pound and a half of steel can take its toll.

    That said, as a lover of art and design, I wanted to create something that could be used for people that don't have an IR but are looking for something a bit different. After dozens of prototypes, this is almost complete. All I'm waiting on now is to see how the print is going to look on the brass (the image is still top secret).

    I hope you like it! I call it...

    The VAULT




  2. I still need to order an IR, and I think I'll now wait until this is ready and get them as a bundle. I saw IR at Magic Live, and of course Aye Jaye has one as his new pet play thing. It's an amazing bit of magic.

    Looks great Jamie!
  3. It looks like it will protect the card case from wear, but I'm not sure if it can compare to a classic clip when it comes to keeping the deck itself feeling new (unwarped, etc). How can you comment on this? It looks very nice...
  4. nlvan,

    Great question!

    I think it has better 'box' protection but probably not as good "deck" protection. Time will tell I think! I like the sleek look, it lets you perform IR while inside, acts as a deck holder- cool! and will be made of brass. Hurrah! It's pretty hard to beat a Porper (which are awesome!) for keeping a deck flat. I just wanted something to help out all these amazing boxes that are out now!

    And our test to see if the paisley print would work on a brass plate came out so well today (this was our secret design)!! We did half brown/half black to see which one we like better before we try it on the prototype.

    Which one do you guys like better?
    Black is on the left/brown is on the right.

    So excited,

  5. Jamie, the black is a crisper color and image detail but the brown is more antiqued, and dare I say it almost steam punk-ish. provided it was supported by other accessories to complete the image.

    Honestly, I can see the advantages to both colors, however I'll be ordering mine in brown. I like the rustic lived in, naturally old looking color.
  6. Both black and brown look great, I think I'd rather have black. I'll definitely be buying whichever you make though, these look great! Nice work Jamie!
  7. I like the brown, because I think it works well with the design, and the color of the metal, IMHO.

    The only real concern I have is, will it just be folded metal, or cut from a single block of brass?
  8. Thanks guys!

    Divided Mind: awesome question. It's actually pretty much impossible to bend a sheet of metal into perfect 90 degrees. And it would cost a fortune to carve out a chunk of brass. So what we do is make something called a die. It costs a couple of thousand of dollars to make one, but in the end, it lets each Vault come out perfectly.

    Here's an update, by the way, that I just posted:

    Getting closer! The Damask pattern has been applied to the steel prototype. It'll look much better on the final brass, though. I'm also leaning towards the brown as it's a bit subtler...

  9. I definitely think brown looks better. More subtle, as you said. I'll definitely be ordering one.
  10. I can't wait... Jamie I want one .... NOW!
  11. That's a real beauty....class act. Need a tux to go with my deck if I get that!
  12. Wait to you see it in it's brass finished state! So excited!

  13. That... Is just beautiful!!!
  14. I have no words.

  15. It's done!! Hurrah! Get ready for a lot of pictures, lol.

    And, after the damask, we managed to give it a UV clear coat- and it worked wonderfully. The die is perfect and everything looks like we're ready to start production. As of now, I'm hoping for an official release of...

    The Vault

    Release: March.31.
    Price: $48 + $7 shipping, anywhere in the world.

    ~every Vault will come in a small bag that looks like a Turkish rug, great to hold your quarter for your IR, or for display~

    ~with a red deck; the colours shine through the IR slots

    ~table hopping? leave your cards on display. Or have a prediction inside~

    ~it also holds cards without the box; slightly beveled, beautifully displayed~

    I guess that's about it! Now to start making them! I'll probably start with 100 and see how we do. Thanks for reading everyone!

    My best,

  16. Beautiful!
  17. Thanks!

    Now available!


    I can't wait to hear what you guys think!
  18. Words Jamie can not express how beautiful this looks! I can't wait to get my own copy soon.
  19. What if you do a clip with black on the left and brown on the right on one clip
  20. I haven't been this excited about an "accessory" in a long time. LOL

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