The Venus Trap by Chris "Orbit" Brown

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  1. Havent posted a review here in forever, so here ya go.

    This sleight was released on Friday, and I've devoted all my weekend practice time(A lot, I don't have to sleep over the summer, so atleast 15 hours) Its a cool sleight, but I should say, if your an intermediate or advanced cardman, you've done this before. This a move everyone has come up with. But Mr. Brown offers some nice finer points and has a very nice clean-up for the sleight that makes this On Demand a good one.

    What they say- The Venus Trap is a single technique that will leave you with the power to control, vanish, change and switch a card.

    The Venus Trap is an updated handling of a sleight published by George Pughe way back in a 1949 issue of The Linking Ring under the title of, Pughe's Alternative to a Double Lift.

    Many magician's have since played with the idea and released their own version, such as, Bill Goodwin, Junstin Hanes, and Daniel Garcia, however, we have seen no one more cleanly execute the sleight than Chris Brown and are proud to present this video.

    What I say- This is a cool sleight. As I said before you have probably done this before, and by watching the demo you may know the method. While this isn't a magician fooler, this sleight has the ability to make its way into my repotoire. I will definently use it as a control(Made my own variation of the one seen in the demo) I do not know if I'll use it as a 1for1 switch. I really like the idea of controlling the card and leaving an X card outjogged in the center, and that is what I really gained from this download. Its not shown in the demo, but this is taught. Its a great lead in to sandwich tricks, or transpos(Like Tivo) It adds a ton more to the control in my opinion when you have the card put back, close the pack, then push it in. Thats how controls should look. It just looks so clean.

    The download teaches the 1for1 switch, 2 controls, a vanish, and a little trick at the end. All the apps he shows are cool, but you will come up with quite a bit of stuff with it yourself.

    Your probably thinking this thing is really angle-sensitive, but as Chris says in the video, its not as "angly" as you would think. Done properly, you should be able to do this for 4 or 5 people.

    Quality is great, obviously. Chris is a great teacher, and I hope to see more from him. Judging from his youtube videos, guy got skillz yo.

    Overall if you want a cool and somewhat easy sleight to bite into, this is perfect. As I said earlier, I'm definently going to use this as a control. In my opinion, anything thats good enough for you to use, is worth what you paid andthensome(pun intended)

    che-che-che-che-che-che-check it out-
  2. nice i hope to pick this up soon
  3. Amen my brotha!
  4. I totally agree, this move is incredible and replaces or can add a phase to a routine. It looked like it would be really advanced from the demo vid, but the concept is fairly easy and very clever.

    I love this move, and once i got it down, I'll probably be using it all the time.
  5. When I saw the move for the first time I was amazed at how smoothly he performed it. glad chris Brown is getting the recognition he deserves
  6. Jim Pace teaches this move in his Princess Card Trick.
    Granted the finger positions may differ slightly, and Jim does it with many cards instead of one.
  7. why not just do a regular double lift?

  8. I was thinking the same thing. :)
  9. Although it is not addressed in the video, I like the idea that I can give the card to the spectator (eliminating the possibility of a double lift) and then when taking back the card and showing it one last time perform the move. I think the idea that they handled the card can make this move even stronger than a double lift.
  10. The spectators should never have "the possibility of a double lift" in their minds. If they do, the magician is doing something wrong.
  11. ummmm no. I've been called out on a double when I only lifted up one card. Spectators aren't stupid, they know what a double lift is.
  12. Agreed.

    Anyway, nice review Creeper. I'll get this someday. :)

  13. Nice review man. I like how the sleight looks when Chris Brown does it, but I've played around with and its just not for me, so I don't think I'll be getting the on demand. But like I said, nice review.
  14. I find your response odd, and it makes me wonder why you think so many magicians continue to use the move if all spectators seem to know what a double lift is? Weird.

    I've met very few people who knew what a double lift was. And even then they didn't know when I did one (I use the push off). I've done effects using a double lift, then had the spectator ask me if "I'd ever seen the one where you take the two cards as one" (as they demonstrate what is probably the worst and only double lift they've ever seen), not realizing the effect they were just screaming over that I performed used that very same move. Spectators definitely aren't stupid and are more intelligent to magic than most magicians I know would like to admit, but to say they all know what a double lift is? "Ummmmmmmm no." (Isn't that unnecessary "ummmmmm" just the most obnoxious thing?)

    If all your spectators are catching onto your double lifts, it may not be the (lack of) secrecy of the move that is to blame, but rather your technique.
  15. Look up "learn card tricks" on Google and within the first few links you'll find a page demonstrating how to do a double lift. It's one of the most widely known sleights among laymen. While I'm not sticking up for the "Venus Trap" because I think releasing it as a move by itself is silly, I'll for sure stick up for the idea of keeping some alternatives to a double under my hat.

    Don't attack his technique because he encountered an informed spec. You're making a fool of yourself up there on your high horse.
  16. There's a difference between one time encountering a single informed spectator and having an issue where all your spectators know what a double lift is.

    Perhaps next time you should read closer before you chime in--you know, in order to avoid making a fool of yourself.
  17. Perhaps you should read closer before telling other people to do so. Last time I checked I didn't say "EVERY SINGLE LAYMEN KNOWS WHAT A DL IS"
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    "Spectators aren't stupid, they know what a double lift is."

    That's a general statement about all your spectators.

    If that's not what you meant then perhaps you should work on writing with a bit more clarity.
  19. OH SNAPS SON PWNED. (christ im never doing that again)

    Its that kvlt kiddiez syndrome Steerpike talks about.
    Like a while when steerpike said and I also noticed,magicians stopped using thumb tips for awhile because of Night of the Museum had ben stiller use one.
    Since alot of people were exposed to it magicians were paranoid and stopped using thumb tips.
    I used mine regularly and not one kid or adult said "hey,I saw that on a movie!"
  20. Good review, I went and got it!

    I enjoy the teaching and extra things he teaches in the download, for a low price, it's a great buy for any magician of any level.

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