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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dylan P., Aug 24, 2008.

  1. Well, I've been loving the feedback I have been getting in these weekly debates. I really think that everyone is really enjoying getting their opinions out there. Oh! And if you would like to give me a suggestion for a debate topic then PM it to me and I'll consider it.

    This week I thought it would be cool if we discussed something fun and not so serious. I hope EVERYONE will get in on this question. I am sure that many people will have varied opinions on it. But, enough stalling... here is the new question...


    Note: Dan and Dave can be grouped as 1 person or two seperate people.

    Dylan P.
    My answer is below.
  2. Well, this was tough but I have finally made my mind up. DANIEL MADISON is my favorite artist here. i feel that he brings a unique style of card magic and flourishing to the site and takes the extra step to ensure greatness. He also has that "dark and mysterious" look. But it is not an over the top dark look if you know what I mean. Anyway, I really enjoy all his stuff.

    Anyone else...
  3. My favorite T11 artist is Joel Paschall he brings simple yet great magic and flourishing to the table. His effect believe is a amazing trick that I perform all most daily make sure to pick it up if you have not.
  4. this isnt really a debate question.

    so it cant really be called the weekly debate.

    i think andrei is the best t11 artist. just because, he doesnt post a ton of videos, but rather goes away, practices until its perfect, and comes up with new styles.
  5. Joel is definitely my favorite. Not only because of Believe, but just because of how great a guy he is. I'm sure a lot of you know I had the awesome opportunity of meeting him this summer, and we've stayed in contact ever since. He has a very unique and awesome performing style, and like a said- he's just a great guy. So Joel definitely gets my vote. But I also really like Lee, Chris, and Aaron. They're pretty darn amazin'.
  6. Every single one of the artists are great, however, I'm going to have to say Lee Asher. He is one of the greatest guys you could meet, and he really puts his heart and soul into what he does.

  7. I think each artist is very skilled and each brings something a little different to the table, which makes a very diverse team. It’s not necessary for me to decide on a favorite because each is so strong in their own way.

    Some people will have a favorite and that’s cool. Maybe they have met or know them. Maybe they are up their alley as far as personal style, but for me I like the whole team. So no favorite in particular.
  8. How can you guys say Joel Paschall is better than Asher, Kenner and Fisher. Those 3 are by far the best.
  9. I like Aaron Fisher, Lee Asher, Dan and Dave and Daniel Madison equally, the other artists are all equally talented but I just like these as I find their material the most useful (although I only have a couple of things from Lee and Aaron but I plan to buy a lot more soon)

    I really don't see the point of trying to pick a favourite.

    This thread just seems like all the other favourite artist/magician/deck/trick threads, I don't see why it needs to be called a 'weekly debate'
  10. I like them all, and I even listed Asher, Kenner, and Fisher as my next favorites. But Joel's just an awesome guy, and I actually know him, and have seen him perform for real people- and it was awesome. I've seen Asher and Fisher perform, but just for only two minutes or so. I got to watch Joel do close-up, and stage, and he was awesome at both. But, I also like the other three that you and I listed, but I think Joel's at the top of my list for now.
  11. I don't see how this is a debate but since you ask, here's my opinion.

    All the artists are skilled and good magicians in their own right, but because of their great personality, Asher and Fisher gets my vote.

    If I had to only choose one, then it would be Asher. Which other artists actually spends time helping others' magic, keeping up the email sessions, and replying PMs? Who has gone as far as him to add everyone as his friend? Who puts as much heart and soul as him into his videos?

    Lee is my favorite artist.
  12. I have to say daniel madison for cardistry, but for magic , chris kenner is the best
  13. Id have to say my favourite is Daniel Madison, just because hes awesome :)
  14. d+M is probably my personal favorite right now. I love his performing style as well as his flourishing style.

    As a whole though, I would say T11 has a variety of wonderful masterminds who all can do their own thing and do it very very well. I just wish that Daniel Garcia was a T11 Artist for the seer fact that he's amazing. Besides, having Wayne H. around without Daniel is just odd to me.
  15. I really can't say. Its pretty hard. I find all of them very entertaining, but for Flourishing, I'd hvae to go with Dan and Dave. Those guys in my personal opinion are the most talented flourishers EVER. Thats a pretty ballsy statement, but I stand by it.

    For magic its even harder. Some of the newer guys, like Tom Issacson or Joel Paschall are great, but I like the veterans more. Fisher and Asher would probably be my favorite two. asher is such a nice guy, he's willing to help you with virtually anything if you ask, same with Aaron.
  16. My exact thoughts. Get outta my mind FlySpazz!

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