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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dylan P., Sep 23, 2008.

  1. Sorry. I am a tad bit late this week. I was busy for the weekend but I have thought of a new question which I think will arouse some attention and hopefully provoke some great debating. So here it goes.....

    In a recent thread, as well as others, there has been discussion of how male magicians use there talent to "hook up" with the females.

    Some people said that they had tried, Some said they hadn't BUT they did plan to, and still others thought that it was a bad idea. So here is my question...


    Sinful, stated in another thread that people need to be more mature about these type of things. I 100% agree. Note: THIS IS NOT A STORY SHARING THREAD. Simply explain why you think picking up girls/guys with magic is appropriate and then debate. NO STORIES.

    P.S: The reason I write GIRLS/GUYS is because there are 2 or 3 girls are on this site. Also, some members may be homosexual or bisexual. That's fine, and your choice, nobody will criticize you.
  2. I think that picking up girls is very innapropriate and is more just showing off then impressing her. Try somethingelse like talking to her directly and sincerly instead of using magic as a cover-up.

    However, magic can be used as a great ICEBREAKER, with girls and can strike up a conversation to lead you into going out. You can also break the ice in any situation with magic and is totally fine with me.

    So in the end using magic to pick up a date directly like having a card appear with "Wanna go out?" on it is bad. But using magic to strike up a conversation is good.
  3. If you are trying to get girls with magic then it is a bad idea.
    If it is to meet new people then it is better.
    thats what I think.
  4. Im not sure i understand what would be considered inappropriate about it. People use things in their lives all the time to compensate for their personality. Not to say that you dont have a personality if you are picking up women with magic, but you may be shy or just not know what to say.

    Think about how many guys get women just because they are a football player, or because they are a musician, or because they have a good job... the unique thing about magic is that we get to connect one on one with people while we do magic. I dont see anything wrong with using that to get women to like you. If it is something you do everyday, then it is a part of you. Why not use it.

    On another note, not to be disrespectful to anyone, but i would be curious as to how many people here actually have dated/ talked to women in a more than platonic way. I mean it seems like the average age is 12-14 here, and magicians seem to tend to stay inside practicing rather than going out and socializing. Im not sure if the practice leads to a lack of social skills or the lack of social skill leads to practice but it does seem to be a big cause of all those corny professional magicians out there.
  5. picking chics/dudes up with magic- bad
    using magic to start a concorsation or meet new people-good :D
  6. i think it is just fine to pick girls up with magic it just doesn't work to well
  7. Well, some people can make people fall in love with there musical talent. Others can with their physical appearance. If you can attract another person with your magic, then good for you. But if you can't just use this wonderful skill as an icebreaker, as stated above.

    p.s. People SHOULD love you for who you are not what your capable of doing
  8. (Sinful, stated in another thread that people need to be more mature about these type of things. I 100% agree.

    P.S: The reason I write GIRLS/GUYS is because there are 2 or 3 girls are on this site. Also, some members may be homosexual or bisexual. That's fine, and your choice, nobody will criticize you.)

    A** kisser

    Overly sensitive.

    It's my magic and Ill do what I want (commercial reference).

    *Note to moderators constructive criticism is not bad, therefore if you have a problem with my choice of words and would still like to delete the first two lines send me a P.M.

  9. There are actually more than you think. I forgot who, but one of the female posters said that there are a few females on here that just pretend to be male so that when they post, they don't have to constantly have to see "OMG A GIRL POSTED!" Pretty pathetic. (Not calling them pathetic, I'm saying it's pathetic in general that they have to see that every time they post when they just want feedback on something or are giving feedback...)

    Women are constantly treated like items. This goes for both in and out of magic. Mostly in high school. (What's sad is that in my school it happens all the time... For whatever reason, girls want guys that just cheat on them and are complete jerks. Jeez.... Talk about knowing the right guys to choose. Just today a guy asked a girl out and she said "You have a girlfriend already!" The response: "So who the hell cares? I'll dump her. I don't give a s#*t" Shows real loyalty. Alright, that's enough ranting about my town. Getting off topic.)

    Try to treat females with respect... Now 95% of the guys here are probably thinking "THAT IS BS! We all say it, but we know that statement is complete BS!" Well, I'll tell you that I pretty much talk to Nikki every day. ;) Just a friend though.:p Now, how many of you guys made female friends from this site? Probably not many. Why? Because most of the people here are immature morons when it comes to talking to women and they can't stand to constantly read "ZOMG A GIRL!!!!111ONE!!!!!111". (I think this because in my personal opinion, 95% of the new online magic community is just people trying to work their way up the social ladder in school and get girls. It's pretty obnoxious.)

    Do I think it's ok to "pick up girls" using magic? My opinion has changed a few times... however, I don't think it really matters. Magic is just something to draw them in. You better have a good personality after that magic is done because magic won't help you keep a real relationship. For anyone who thinks it does, they are morons and they will find that out the hard way.

    Did I seem a bit offensive in this post? You bet I did. I meant to. I can't stand to see stuff like this on the forum. I can't stand to see threads such as "How do you pick up girls with magic?" "Say some good stories of you picking up girls with magic." If you want to talk about that, do so in private conversation. I don't want to see that garbage on here and I don't think many of the other users do either. It's just stupid.

  10. If magic is a part of your life, there's no problem with wanting to let other people in on that.

    But if you can't get the girl without the card tricks, then you probably won't get her without them. And even if you do, good luck keeping her.

    The problem I see with a lot of magicians and especially those who try to pick up chicks with Stigmata of all things is that they have no clue who the hell they are. Women just aren't attracted to men without an identity.
  11. They don't want it per se. But what women do want is a guy who is not afraid to go for what he wants, who is assertive, and who is obviously desirable to other women.

    You can have all those qualities without being an unlikable d*ckhead, it's just easier to be a d*ckhead for guys who are... shall we say lacking in intelligence, creativity, and willpower.
  12. Amen brother, I DO use card magic from time to time to know some girls, But, The first thing I want them to know is not that I do card tricks just because I want to show off or because I want them to praise me,the first thing I want them to know is that I am there to meet them, and that my "magic" Is just a nice and pretty way of doing so(Breaking the ice).

    SO, when I am going to perform, I perform, I do my routines etc, but when I want to meet a new girl, I do not ( I repeat) Do not use a entire routine, I usually just do a trick or two, after that I try to speak with them and try to know them, man, we need to understand that Is not about us, is about them (girls), A lot of the time we are so busy talking about ourselves that we forgot that someone very important ( the girl in question) is waiting to get heard.

    As always my humble opinion.:p
  13. This would be something that depends on an individual's preference.

    There is a difference between charming people with magic and using magic to charm people. The former would be a professional carrying out his job superbly, and the latter would be for the handful who are only into the art to attain personal desires.
  14. Quoted for truth...

    Sigh, I'm slightly ashamed of this topic -.-
  15. Pretty damn nice pointed out Sinful.

    I think that the question behind this whole thread is neither justified nor makes any sense.

    Do I think that it is ok to pick up a girl with my magic?...What?
    Do I think it is ok to eat a sandwich while performing magic or practising it?..

    Well, no! Thats forbidden. ....

    If I perform magics for somebody and there is a sandwich situated around and nobody else cares about it...I eventually will grab and eat it with satisfaction.

    That was a pretty dump analogy from my side which kind of refutes my accordance with Sinful´s post but...maybe you get the point.

    It´s not like doing magic to show everybody how badass we all are or to kick somebody´s ass by showing him, that I know stuff he doesn´t. As well as magic is not supposed to be done just because going up to a girl like:

    "hey watch...that was your 6ofspades! do you like me now?"

    To be exact...the question of this thread seems to be like: "is it OK (allowed) to pick up a girl with some magic?"...kind of like there could be any magicians codex that spells "DO NOT EVER GO HAPPY WITH A GIRL AFTER YOU SHOWED HER MAGIC!"

    Let´s come back to my analogy with the sandwich.
    Maybe it is not ok to eat a sandwich while performing. Oviously your spectators won´t understand your patter anymore, because your mouth is full of ham and cheese....and bread yeah..

    So i personally think, that you should not only come up to a group of people and do magic just because that one girl looks nice in your opinion and you want to "make her up"...In reality you are there to give a few people a great experience....she would be just one of those people....she really just wants to enjoy the magic like everybody else is allowed, because you´ve not thrown your eye on Herbert sitting right next to her.
    So do not mainly perform in the manor of "hey chick, watch your card transforms right in front of your bright beautiful eyes and now...let´s go make out"...thats disrespectful...

    BUT...if i got the mainquestion right, ....actually if you perform and through this a girl comes over to you and gives you her grats and she actually got pretty interested in you....than why not? what the heck...SHE wants you, after you showed her that you restored her card...(e.g.)

    If I read that question "DO YOU THINK IT´S OK..blabalbla" than I involuntarily have to imagine the same scenery, where a girl comes to you because she is interested in you after she has seen your magic...and you are already in a kind of "wooow YES" the exact moment where she wants to start the conversation with you...there is one of those cheep 80´s TV show moderators popping out of nowhere, screaming at you:

    "NOoooooooooooOOOooooOoOOooooo....the magicians code does not allow you to talk to her! Imagine! Without your magic she maybe wouldn´t talk to you nooooowwwwwww!!! cheatet on how to grab her attention by using your psychic power duuude!"

    so...what can I say....just dont perform magic just because you have special interests in it because you like to do it and you want to give a great experience to all the people you meet...if because of that...a girl walks over to you...fine....what could be better?...ok if you already have a girlfriend/wife etc.....and that girl just wants to get you somewhere becuz she thinks she can find the secret to your ambitious card routine inside of your underwear panties...than i could imagine better scenery´s.

    So than...that text is also meant to be read by all female magicians in here :) just convert it to your own preferences...maybe changing all the "girl" words into "boy" words or something..i dont know

    just my 285 cents

  16. What Cray said...

    Magic is used to entertain and give, what the spectators give back to you is up to them.

    You are not magic 24/7 so why would anyone be interested in just your magic? It is YOU they are interested in...
  17. While magic can indeed be utilised as a wonderful ice-breaker, I strngly feel that it shouldn't be used with the express intent of helping one 'pick up' a suitor.

    Breaking the ice is can be a problem with some people, and many have social blocks, which can hinder, or althogether stop someone from meeting and conversing with others. This is an issue.
    If I have problems with opening up to people or building a rapport, of course I might perform a quick effect to try to spark up a common interest- astonishment (I truly agree with PH in that I believe that everybody wants to be astonished).

    However (and I have seen this happen) some would introduce some magic with the primary intent being to impress and garner interest from a member of the opposite sex (or whatever the individuals preference). This is not only depressing from the standpoint of a peer (As a dedicated student of magic, I want to believe that everybody is interested in the art for the right reasons), but from the standpoint of the spectator, it looks... lame. Really lame.

    I believe that the intent of the performance can be quite apparent and the spectator can often clearly see why the 'magician' is doing what he does.
    If the image the performer wants to put across is 'slightly creepy, really lonely nerd', I'll leave that down to the individual, but it's not for me...

    To sum up, I think attempting to pick up girls, guys, pigeons or dogs with magic can only damage the art as well as the individual.

    End transmission...

  18. You must be this question has been running around my mind all day!

    Here is where I realize there is still no equality in the world – a few things that bother me.

    I want to take issue of using the term “get”, as in magic helps me “get” a women (or man), as it seems like an objective term. How about “attract” or “magic helps me hide the fact that I have no social skills” or “I am so completely unattractive that I need to hide behind something else…and I suck at music, sports and all other forms of interesting past times” - these may be far more truthful and PC.

    Here is the next problem – IF you are using magic to be more interesting, I recommend getting a puppy – as NO person is going to find you more attractive based solely on being able to do a card trick, or my Uncle that does the 21 card trick would be covered in supermodels…and maybe have a job. Magic doesn’t help you get a date, it just breaks the ice…but at what expense? Eve r meet someone, and they can’t see past the magic – do another…and another – do you not get tired of being the performing monkey.

    I am sure many of you have spent time doing magic for a group – and get all the attention, just to end in an awkward moment with you thinking - umm, when does the show end and the making out start? I got a girls number though…and as long as I do magic, and don’t give her the chance to know the real me – I may have a chance.

    Has magic allowed me to showcase my personality and has it been an interesting ice breaker for people (not just women, as it has helped me meet all kinds of people that didn’t want to date me)? Yes.

    Nevertheless, if your GOAL is to use magic to “pick up” a date – well, that is sad. An early post mentioned musicians and athletes getting girls because of their past time – however, I don’t think many people got into those things to “get more dates” – I can’t imagine Romo getting drafted to Dallas and saying…well, I hope we do well, because I will use my fame to date Jessica Simpson! Sure it happened, but I doubt it was his GOAL in football – and maybe it shouldn’t be one in magic either.

    It is a confusing subject, as being a good entertainer can have an attractive quality for outsiders, but I wouldn’t want to make that your focus – or you risk being that creepy person that hides behind a deck of cards because you don’t know how to connect with people….but enough about Josh Jay.

    In my own experience, I haven’t enjoyed dating women that became attracted to me as “the magician” as they come to know that part of you – and are attracted to you when you are “on” – but what about when you are not doing magic any longer, you are just you – will they still see past the magic? As always, your strength can be your weakness.

    I guess it comes down to this – I would rather meet the person, not the entertainer – think about if you met a big star, who would you want to meet? Then again, maybe you are the kind of person that needs to hide behind the entertainer personality, if so; you will have a hard time sustaining a relationship. Magic can be a good ice breaker in general, but if it becomes a replacement for a pick up line – you may be hurting magic and yourself.
  19. Magic is for others to enjoy sort of like a painting. You should not date an artist for his paintings :p

  20. Doug, you'll notice that when I created this thread I said NO STORIES, and I was not asking for people to give me ways of picking up girls. I simply wanted to see how many people on this site think that using magic to pick up girls is appropriate or not.

    So far we have had some mixed answers. This is what we want. You see, I was simply asking if someone thought that this action was appropriate, not for them to give me a story.

    Dylan P.

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