The Wheel: Day #3

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Zeede, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. Struck out twice again today. :(

    I hope y'all have better luck!
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  2. Same as the last two.. a big 0 lol

    Good luck everyone.
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  3. I got 25 points yesterday, but thats it...
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  4. I got nothing on day 1, but got 25 points yesterday....I need to get some funds up to get a better chance...I really would love to get one of the NYSM cards...although it is an extreme longshot. The NPH Signed would be nice as well.
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  5. I'm torn... and not in the I ate too much Taco Bell sorta way...
    I have just over $9 in points to spend. I want to save them, but at the same time I can purchase a few effects and get extra spins.... as I said....Torn.
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  6. CWhite, I am sending you lucky thoughts for tomorrow's spin!
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  7. 25 points yesterday. spin in 4 hours!
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  8. I have had 175 points so far :) 100 today
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  9. I got a no reward :(
  10. Turns out my school Wi-Fi wasn't cursed, but I was.
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  11. You're far luckier than I! Including some "Spin Again" results I've gotten, I am 1 for 7 spins, my sole prize being 25 Elite points.
  12. I got nothing yesterday but today I got a spin again which led to 100 points
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  13. Today, I got 50 Elite Points!
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  14. 25 points on first day, then no rewards for the next two days
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  15. i got 25 points on day 1, 2, and 3
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  16. 25 points for today!
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  17. 25 points today again! Moving up slowly I guess!!:p
  18. Got nada...first time so far.

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