The Wheel: Week 2!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Zeede, Dec 10, 2018.

  1. It's the start of the second week of The Wheel! As we join our intrepid Wheel Spinners we find Zeede with four "No Prize" results and 100 Elite Points! (I got four spins from placing an order, thanks again Lyle!)

    I've had 19 spins thus far, which break down to:
    13x No Prize :(
    2x Spin Again
    2x 25 Elite Points
    2x 100 Elite Points

    Good luck everyone this week!
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  2. I received 150 Elite Points so far. I will keep you guys posted.
  3. I received 375 points from 7 spins, I am really happy with that. :)
  4. Yeah, that's awesome!
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  5. Another 100 points today. So 250 so far I think.
  6. 200 elite points so far!
  7. I got 25 points today.
  8. 200 points in the last 4 spins!
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  9. No Reward again today. :(
  10. Another No Reward. I don't remember the wheel being this bad in past years.
  11. No Reward Today.
  12. Yay, 50 Elite Points today! That brings my total to 300.
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  13. lots of 25 reward points, free spins, and no reward. When we gonna hit on some actual prizes?
  14. Almost forgot to spin today! I know, I know. It was a busy one.

    Thank this thread for the reminder.

    And thank the wheel for +100 points!
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  16. Wow, congrats!
  17. I won 25 points today.
  18. 50 more Elite Points today! My total is 350 so far.
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