The Wire is a Great Launching Block :)

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    I originally thought my new DVD Electro would be released on the Wire but after sharing it with a few people they thought a different direction would be better for now. It was the Wire that inspired me to get out and start sharing my creations though and I want to thank Theory11 for giving me the guts to get out and share my original magic.

    I know Rick Lax does this a lot with his effects so I decided to follow suit. I just released my new effect Electro and I've got some comments about the camera cuts. No this isn't the coolest piece of street magic to hit the scene since Dynamo levitated around London but it is a nice, visual, formal effect that is perfect for the card table. Thanks to Andrei, J.B., Jason England and everyone else who helps out with the Wire. Without the Wire I don't think I would have released this, so as a little bit of a thank you I wanted to post this uncut version of the main effect on Electro.

  2. Your link seems faulty. I used it and it just opened the YouTube video manager page.
  3. Thanks man! I think I fixed it :)
  4. Well that is a different type of triumph effect, awesome job :)
  5. Not sure I loved the patter, but definitely loved the effect. Well done.
  6. I actually found this before you made this post a couple of days ago and I had no idea that you made this! It looks so good! Definitely a different type of effect then I usually see.

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