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    I was wondering if you guys would want to learn my handling of the push off double lift for free on the wire. I was working on this for about a year now. I discovered several methods and I'll teach you the easiest and most practical. This difficult move is now very easy and I would say the EASIEST of all double lifts. Once you learn it, you can immediately perform it with NO PRACTICE. This sometimes could even fool magicians.

    Here's an effect using the push off double lift:

  2. Well go ahead and submit it, if it's original it will be accepted.
  3. wow that was a good double

    but same what beans25 said :)
  4. WOW! That was good. But next time show the card for a little longer
  5. Looks good! Its always hard to tell on camera how we'll aligned doubles really are but if it was accepted and released for free I would download it! If its a truly original method...kudos!
  6. Oh dang that sucks. I was thinking of releasing something like this too. However, mine looks a little bit different. Might still do it! But yeah, really clean! Nice job!
  7. Wow that was really smooth!
  8. It's hard to tell from the video, but it looks like an exact replica of a Steve Draun double lift published in his book Secrets Draun from Underground. I don't know if you're aware of this move, but visually it looks indistinguishable, so it's worth checking out if you're not.
  9. Is it impromptu? I mean, there's a lot of people who tells they have the perfect double lift but use roughing fluid...
  10. Andi Gladwin recently released a DVD through BigBlindMedia & VanishingInc. teaching in great detail Ed Marlo's Master Pushoff system.
    That's basically what you've got there, just combined with Steve Draun's turnover.
    Not original I'm afraid.
  11. No. I'm not using roughing fluid.
  12. I'm not familiar with those. Of course it's not original. What makes this different is that it's the easiest of all double lifts and require no practice.
  13. I believe Croz's reference to original was not the fact that it was a double lift, but rather that the particular version of the double lift you are doing is the same mechanically as what is taught on Andi's DVD (Which I do not have, so can neither confirm or deny this fact).

    If it is in fact different, then I'm all for a free tutorial video.

    Matt M.
  14. Story of my life.....I create stuff all the time and then find it to be someone else's....frustrating yet fuel to the fire!

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