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Discussion in 'The Marketplace' started by Conspiracy52, Sep 7, 2011.

  1. Hello all,

    I have two questions regarding the Wire.

    1. Can I make a video including 4 of my flourishes e.g 4 flourishes for $1.95?
    If so, do I make one continuous video (lasting like 30 minutes) or 4 separate videos?

    2. When does the submission start?

    3. How do I get paid? Cheque? via PayPal?
  2. 1) Yep, but at the moment, it's probably best to make it one video.
    2) Who knows? For something 4 years in the making, it seems to be having a whole lot of bugs. :)
    3) Cheque.
  3. Hey Conspiracy,

    1. Your video, your choice! Note that you'll only be able to have one preview video per submission, though, so you'd need to show all four flourishes within that preview as you wish.

    2. Within the next few hours! Finishing touches as we speak. All artists will be notified via automatic email blast as soon as the submissions are enabled.

    3. Payments to all artists are sent via check on or before the 11th of each month. We take artist royalties very seriously, and in four years, we've never been a day late. If your video is set as FREE, we cover all of the bandwidth and secure download process on the house.
  4. So is the bandwidth included in the 40% you take of the download charge of a paid video, or a separate charge we then pay you again from our 60%?
  5. No fees of any kind are charged or deducted aside from the royalty percentage and any required taxes and returns (see details in our Terms of Use). Close to 400 artists have registered for accounts in the past 4 days, and submissions will be opening up - guaranteed - later today. Let the games begin!

  7. soooo excited :D
  8. Don't worry, I think we're almost there :)
  9. I don't. :)
  10. They're obviously waiting for 11.
  11. I've thought that since it's been released. Every night, I eagerly wait for 11pm to hit. When it does, nada. :(
  12. I'm fine with waiting, but the multiple deadlines is really kind of annoying. I understand there are bugs though. I'm just excited to see what people do submit.
  13. Still nothing and its past 11 :/
  14. It's 11:03. Do you know where the Wire is?
  15. what a shocker lol
  16. Big release wednesday
    Jk, countdown on wednesday
    Big release friday
    Here it is! jk, wait until the 4th
    It's the 4th, we have bugs
    24 hours, jk over 30
    Today, jk, later


    Like I said, I think it's cool, but I think you guys should get on top of the organization. Don't tell us what we want to here, if it isn't actually gonna happen. I'd rather wait then be lead on in anticipation.
  17. I laughed pretty hard at that post HeCtic. I agree with all of what you said.
  18. We're waiting just as long for the Wire to work as we did to have it announced..
  19. Yeah thank you JB and every one else!
  20. Hey guys, just to confirm, as of yesterday, all parts of the submission process are now enabled, and submissions have started rolling in! All artists who have an account already were contacted this morning with notification, and we're excited to see what you create!

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