The Wire?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by deezy, Aug 8, 2010.

  1. hi everybody,
    is it just me or did The Wire just disappear after the new site was launched?
    hopefully it'll be revealed soon...
  2. already a thread on this. Info on the that stuff will be posted within 24 hours.
  3. Did any news get posted?
  4. We will be posting news on this ASAP. Focusing first on getting everything stabilized with the new site and a few bugs knocked out. Second focus is catching up on a night of sleep to try to shake off the headache I still have and the illness that Dan White experienced. Third focus, the wire! We had a few meetings about it today and are trying to wrap up the details as soon as possible.
  5. you guys have been pretty active i see....well i guess you deserve the rest.....
  6. OMSNOGGLE!! TEH WYRE IS HURR!! Check out this link which leads to a video of Rick Astley Never Giving up the Keyboard Cat while Danny Garcia nunchucks Robert Harbin!!!
  7. That pretty much sums it up!
  8. So, any news on the Wire yet?

    Just kidding. Take your time guys.
  9. I found the wire.
  10. Lol where?
  11. I hope once the Wire is revealed T11 posts a button on the homepage that says "Cupcakes." Then everyone will wonder what "Cupcakes" is for a year. THEN...I will be satisfied.

    || sean ||
  12. @Tempest Nääh, it will probably say "sekacpuc". Cupcakes would be too easy, we'd all know it's Danny Garcias personal softporn site.

  13. You KNOW, the music would be SICK... and Andrei would handle all the video editing.

    I'm not even gonna go into the magic that could be done with soft core. The productions, someone farts and 75 feet of rainbow ribbon get pulled out. Someone climaxes and a dove is produced instead.
  14. Well. Im not trying to be impatient here but JB said it would be released within 24 hours and that was saturday. And now its Thursday and still no wire? Or was there something I missed.
  15. Well he didn't say 24 hours, he said "ASAP." I believe a meeting was had and they are on the ball.

    || sean ||
  16. I believe i said it before, but I think the post was trashed.. maybe in the bug squashing...

    The wire is the string that holds the carrot dangling from the stick to keep us going. :)
  17. No, on Twitter or something they said that they would release info in 24 hours. So Jacob is right.
  18. Yeah the post was in a topic that was like. "Everything looks great but..." JB said the wire would be released in the next 24 hours.
  19. Ahhh, my bad. I don't do much Twitter anymore.
  20. Actually JB only promised that new info will be posted within 24 hours, not the wire. But they indeed said it's going to be 7 massive releases, and we've only seen 4 so far...

    I am anxious to see the wire as well, but i believe they are really working on it and will release it ASAP. So we can do nothing but wait.

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