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  1. Still hasn't been uncovered after 5 months of T11 being live.

    No information still?
  2. Not that I know of..
  3. Patience young grasshopper, I presume the crew is hard at work trying to make "The Wire" available to us. For now, all we can do is wait for the inevitable announcement from a staff member!

  4. Currently, there is not any new information about what the.Wire and/or The.Wire is or when it will be uncovered.

    However, I embarked upon this post about it:
  5. Thanks for that Info :)

    I was looking back at it everyday, now I know it won't be until a tad bit later.
  6. Does anyone know when Prophet will be coming out?
  7. Yeah I really want to know about the wire too
  8. No sorry...I kinda want to know at least what it is because Chris Kenner said it was a good trick
  9. What is the trick?

  10. do you know it is Prophet and not Profit?? I am 99% that it is Profit as i know what it is.
  11. I don't know. That's just how I've seen it spelled around here.
  12. According to Katie it's Prophet.
  13. Yeah, I talked to Katie and she said it was spelled Prophet. Also, it's not going to be just a prediction effect, like the name suggests. Katie said that it is a visual effect, so I'm excited.

  14. anyways, what IS the actual effect?
  15. Well from my knowledge (Lee Asher) it is a money trick...a bill switch.
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  17. sorry for reviving this but it's like 2 and a half years later.. and hasnt been released. lmao.
  18. Well, I just laughed when i saw how old this thread is. :D
  19. I thought I had fallen into a time-warp-loop-hole-thingie when I read about the anticipationg of Prophet. Who revived this...
  20. awesome.


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