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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by liam-k, Jul 23, 2008.

  1. Just wondering, what is the section "the wire" going to be for ?

    I dont get it lol

    Is it that thing about uploading pictures ?
  2. Nobody knows.

    Next time, you might want to use the Search Button... there have been several topics in the past discussing "The Wire".
  3. Noone knows yet; it's a secret
  4. Oh ok, thanks,
  5. Its the BIGGEST secret magic has to offer. No probably not, but it is a secret.
  6. Several? Make that dozens. The Wire has to be one of the most discussed things on this site.

  7. That, and the question, "Who is better, Dan or Dave?"
  8. While I was in Hawaii with JB training in my card throwing skills with ninja monkeys and Daniel Garcia, I found out that The Wire is actually a very long wire that stretches all across the earth. It's purpose? Not even JB knows....

    Kidding aside, no one knows what it is. We'll find out.... when.... I don't know. ;)


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