The Wire?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by notsoltd, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. What is the deal with the wire? I mean I know it says that it will be uncovered over time but come on, I mean seriously, how long has that been up?
  2. This has been discussed several times, use the search. Honestly, no one really knows besides the T11 staff. People think they will unveil it on the one year anniversary of T11.
  3. Dude whats the point? You know your gonna probably get bashed. LOL. Might as well just wait I mean you've been a member since last September. YOu know that you are gonna get a ton of people posting saying we can't talk bout it or there are millions of billions of trillions of threads on this already blah blah lol, Should have saved yourself a migraine lol. :)
    Wilberto Casillas
  4. The search bar is there for a reason, enjoy the bashing.
  5. LOL told ya, mwahahahahahaa jk.
  6. I will! :D but seriously its a little rediculous that people would put someone down for asking a simple question. Yeah I should have used the search bar, but I took a break from magic for 2-3 months, so how the hell was I supposed to know that someone hasnt found out anything about it yet?
  7. By using the searchbar.
  8. I agree. But o well. Good luck and welcome back to magic!!! :)
  9. haha yup thats what its there for
  10. The Wire!

    i think everyone forgot about the wire, before revealing tht daniel is going to release a dvd called dangerous, i knew that the wire is going to be released after daniel's i wanna know, who knows when the wire will be open?
  11. Oh.. U really stepped in a big bear trap :p
  12. right on schedule.
  13. so wat do u mean by this audun123 and acrogers1?
    and about tht everyone posts a thread every sorry to make you mad but i never saw a thread about it...:S
  14. I was just joking.. But seriously.. people get bashed to death if they even mention "The Wire".. It's just like "Fight club"
  15. Don't talk about it.

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