The World Magic Awards :: TV Special

Sep 1, 2007
Jamestown, NC
I was watching the TV guide channel trying to find something interesting to watch when on one of the local channels here in North Carolina said that at 8PM eastern they are showing an hour long special on The World Magic Awards.

I haven't heard anything about it until now, and I was wondering if someone could clarify if this was a re-run from a special of years past or if this was a brand new thing.


Shane K.
IDK...but the teen magician of the year was Krysten Lambert. A FEMALE MAGICIAN! While I don't mind her running around in min skirts and looking as good as she was, her magic was pretty good to. She did the linking rings and produced a rabit...pretty entertaining too. :)

I just walked in the door not 10 minutes ago from Red Robin and caught the end of it. It's still on here though...looks to be a 2 hour special. Oh to watch Friday Night Lights. ;)
Nov 6, 2007
The World Magic Awards.

Oops...I didn't realize someone had already posted something on this. Sorry.
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I missed it. I was at a friends house watching Superbad in his in-home movie theater. BE JEALOUS.

No, but I really wanted to see it. My uncle texted me in the middle of Superbad and was like "Dude, are you watching the Magic Awards?" I was kinda pissed cuz after the movie, my friend wanted to play Guess Who so I couldn't even watch the end of the awards....:p

Anthony Bass
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