The Worlds Longest and Hardest Card Flourish # 2

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  1. This card flourish is still under construction!
    The World's Longest and Hardest Card Flourish # 2 is finally here! Unedited and even longer and harder than Mega Star Combo # 1 My Sun and Stars which I released 11 months ago! This one is a big pain in the ass and I am still working on perfecting it!

  2. Thoughts as they occur to me.

    0:05 - I'm already getting a headache from the effects.
    0:10 - Seriously dude. Lay off the effects. They don't look good.
    0:14 - Points off immediately for the fact that I can't see your face.
    0:25 - The framing is so poor your hands leave the screen. This is why you should be shooting in medium shots, not extreme close-ups.
    1:07 - It's all very technically impressive, but I'm not sure what reaction you want me to have at this point.
    1:48 - I can't tell. Is the camera on a tripod or not?
    2:28 - It's getting a bit repetitive at this point.
    3:21 - The change in music was about as elegant as the transmission dropping out of my car.
    3:26 - ****ing lens flare! Who convinced you that was a good idea?
    3:32 - I liked the first piece of music better. Now it sounds like all the other videos.
    3:51 - Okay seriously, what the hell is with the lens flare?! It's really distracting and makes it difficult to follow what you're doing.
    4:13 - Why were there jump cuts?
    4:30 - It's a cool display, but again the framing kind of screws up the effect.
    5:02 - Okay, I'm not watching the rest of this. Put down the copy of After Effects.

    Please read this thread. It takes a lot of gall to call these unedited videos when you clumsily insert that many obnoxious special effects that serve no purpose except to annoy the viewer and distract from the actual card manipulation.
  3. I will never understand how you can remember all of that.My opinion is that it lacks flow a bit,some parts are too choppy.You're also getting repeditive.I love the displays in certain parts.But it just looks like 30 unrelated flourishes packed into one.Nonetheless good job.
  4. It seems to lack flow with a few movements that are simply unneeded. It may be better to take this and split it up into smaller bits that have better flow to make it easier to jumpe around.

    Somthing that's long and complicated but lacks flow is far less impressive than somthing short and sweet that flows like water.

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