Theory11: Are You the White Rabbit?

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Jan 10, 2008
Guys, I have been a member of this forum for quite awhile. I'm
definitely not a new name around these parts of the web.

It came to my attention recently that a good friend of mine
Readmoremagicbooks, was banned from this site because according to a
private message from Johnathan Bayme his posts were often negative and
not conducive to our art we call magic.

Now, I will not argue the fact that RMMB was very opinionated and
vocal about his philosophies regarding magic. I thought that was a
redeeming quality.

I will also not argue the fact that his opinions were often times
controversial and very challenging, however, they can not really be
classified as 'flaming' or 'bashing' somebody. His response were
basically retorts or questions that were meant to challenge the reader
and to stimulate thought processes and creativity.

Since, I have been a member, I have witnessed spamming and flame wars.
RMMB to my knowledge has only made one irrelevant post, that got
deleted. Everything else has been above board.
Jan 10, 2008
I got a call from him regarding this matter today. He read me the PM
that Mr. Bayme sent him. RMMB responded to him basically telling him
the feeling is mutual regarding the posts that are not conducive to
magic. He basically told Mr. Bayme, very professionally I might add,
that it's funny that he points the finger at him when his postings are
pretty darn irrelevant to furthering our art too.

I mean seriously, I encourage the reader to compare RMMB's posts to
Mr. Bayme's. RMMB actually got into some pretty in depth discussions
with other members on this forum. Mr. Bayme only chimes in when
somebody is openly praising Theory 11 or to openly bash someone for
their thoughts, simply because it's contradicting what he feels.

Now, you guys could make the assumption that I industrialchild and
RMMB are just the a couple of kids trying to sound professional and
stick out on here. What you may not realize is that he and I are very
passionate about this art. We always have great discussions outside
of this forum and the internet in general. In fact, I am holding a
conversation with him over the phone right now as I type this. He and
I have great mentors, resources, and thinking outside of the internet.
We both perform regularly for real world people. We have thoughts,
sometimes controversial, but that's the name of the game. Isn't it?

So in conclusion, just so the point that I'm trying to convey here is
heard, is simply this. Do you as a student of the arcane arts want to
limit your creativity and thoughts by doing business or contributing
ideas to a company that yields free thought and free speech? I know I
sure don't. Any thoughts regarding this matter?


P.S. I encourage you to look at some of RMMB posts and think for
yourself. Think about also if you would think of his posts as
uninformative and hateful or merely constructive criticism


ceo / theory11
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Jul 23, 2007
New York City
The member in question was banned after consistently posting negative, unprofessional, disrespectful remarks to our community. These posts were deleted by our moderation staff in accordance with our established forum rules. We of course welcome constructive feedback - I believe our reputation speaks for itself that we feed on constructive criticism from our members - sadly, this has nothing to do with that. The argument that RMMB was posting intellectual, constructive content falls flat when you see posts like this (a post that was deleted yesterday). I personally messaged the member to request that his attitude brighten and conduct improve, and his response (I quote) was as follows:

"it is funny that you mention my posts are unprofessional as the feeling is mutual. I consider damn near everybody else's postings, including your,s very unprofessional and not beneficial to the art form either."

Needless to say, ignoring an explicit warning from a theory11 staff member - or moderator - is not tolerated, and disrespect isn't either. Accordingly, the member was banned until he chooses to conduct himself in a manner that is professional, respectful, and courteous to this community and its members.
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