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    Here are some pictures of miis I've created of the T11 artists. I only made one for Dan and Dave since they are twins. Some of them were pretty hard to make. I don't feel like individually posting them so I put a link to them all. What do you think?
  2. Ok, when i first saw the pics, I was like, wtf? I only know Dan white. But then, i put my mouse over the pics and i laughed so much. lol At first I didnt know who the long haired one was, then i put my mouse over it and it said d+m. LOL!
  3. yea, the D+M looks like my dad's college picture
  4. sweet.

    i think all of them look great,
    except for kenner, he still looks alright though.
  5. haha, this is great. I think lee asher should have a squarer face.
  6. :)

    Haha really good work :) very creative
  7. Those pictures made me lmao. :p
  8. LOLOLOL...awesome man...i think daniel madison is wayyy too white in the pic..u can make him a bit darker...and dana hocking's hair isnt all that straight on the side....GREAT work man
  9. dbsquared and Tom Isaacson made me lol.
  10. .

    haha very cool
    daniel m look very funny
  11. I thought Aaron Fisher was dbsquared...

    DnD don't have 5 'o clock shadow....?
  12. thats awesome man, expt for wayne it didn't really look like him to be honest but other wise good job
  13. Why does Matieu Bich look exactly like harry potter?
  14. because bich IS potter.
  15. With a pony tail. :)
  16. Ha ha! My favorites were d+M, WH, Lee Asher, and J. Bayme.
  17. Chris kenner looks like mathieu bich imo.
  18. I only got Joel and Dan White. That was a funny and creative idea and I was laughing pretty hard, esp. at Wayne. He barely looks like himself!
  19. Those are great, but you screwed up on Dana. He has way to much hair in that.

  20. Here's mine....




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