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  1. Many magicians are hesitant about performing magic tricks that require even the smallest amount of preparation. Too often, we lose sight of what's really important in performing - your audience. Is the effect something that will leave your spectators with a feeling of astonishment they won't soon forget? Do the reactions you receive in performing a particular trick far outweigh the required preparation time?

    These are questions we should each ask ourselves when contemplating whether or not we should add a new effect to our repertoire. In this week's edition of our 1-ON-1 SESSIONS, we will be taking a look at some incredible effects that require a bit of preparation - with some recommendations hand selected by our team of staff and artists:

    : : REDLINE / / EASY / / $6.95

    Dan Hauss makes his theory11 debut with REDLINE. A real Chapstick is shown all the way around, and the cap is removed and held in your left hand. In the blink of an eye - literally - the cap is back on the Chapstick. Two versions of the effect are taught in intricate detail on the streets of New York City.

    : : UNTITLED / / EASY / / $4.95
    The latest release from the mind and repertoire of Luke Dancy (Creative Team / Criss Angel). A trick involving a single playing card that almost magically teleports inside of your pants. Almost. But have no fear, there is a twist ending that leaves spectators speechless. 13 minutes of detailed instruction in signature theory11 quality.

    : : WATERMARK / / EASY / / $9.95
    A stunning revelation from the mind of award winning magician Mathieu Bich. A card is chosen and placed back into the deck - and a napkin (or cloth, tissue, etc.) is introduced and examined. While the spectator holds the napkin, some water is lightly sprinkled over it.

    Slowly and visually, the chosen selection appears through the water. The napkin can, of course, be kept as a souvenir. You can use Mathieu's concept to reveal a name, card, object, or anything else your heart desires. Simple, direct, and astonishing.

    SPECIAL PROMO : For those wishing to purchase all of the above, we've setup a special promotion. Order all three videos and receive a 20% discount for this week ONLY.

    Be sure to check out last week's 1-ON-1 SESSIONS - ALWAYS IN CONTROL - and check back next Tuesday for another edition. See you then!

    : : BE PREPARED - 20% Discount
    : : More 1-on-1 Training
  2. Be Prepared? <--- Click :D

    And to make this post somewhat more appropriate... Out of interest, Jon, which is your favourite effect out of those and why? :)

    - Sean
  3. Definitely WATERMARK. So many ideas can be developed from the single (and highly dope) concept Mathieu outlines in the video.

    Check it out if you haven't already. ;)
  4. Redline is awesome, but I never carry around Chapstick. For a while after getting Redline, I did carry around Chapstick because Redline is awesome. Slowly, I just stopped doing it. I don't do Redline anymore. If you carry around chapstick though, Redline is awesome.

    Untitled is also awesome. Fun idea. I haven't used it too many times, but I should.

    Watermark is craaaaazy. I wanna use it so badly. I took a trip to Wallgreens to see if they had my needed material to make the gimmick. They didn't. :( I plan on using Watermark A LOT. Out of these 3, Watermark is by far the best for me.


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