theory11 Clash of 2010 - Episode 2 : Fretzie's Freezer

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  1. It was a calm Sunday afternoon and JB, Dana Hocking, Wayne Houchin and Dan White took a breather and decided to take a coffee break at the nearby diner.

    The four sat around a table, with JB constantly tapping on his Blackberry, Dana reading a recent issue of Genii Magazine, Dan filming a quick Artist Diary footage and Wayne quietly drinking his coffee.

    "How's the info with Bret Dan?" Wayne asked Dan as he sipped his coffee.

    "Oh him?Its getting there. We contacted him last week and he gave us the method and all.Its quite difficult but well worth it. JB and I contacted the Eyes Are Us Optical Clinic and they said they would be glad to help us out in the construction of the things that we need for Iris."

    Wayne nodded.Then turning to JB.

    "Tell me when's filming going to start. I want to help out with the kid's creation."

    JB smiled and nodded as his eyes resumed at the screen of his Blackberry. Then at the diner, many teenagers seem to gather and the four can sense that they were theory11 forum members and fans. The four were accustomed to fans since their website and their products became quite popular and very reliable all over the world.A boy with a blue baseball cap approached Wayne...


    "Yep?"Wayne smiled.

    "I'm Jeremy and me and my friends here are wondering if we could perform a trick for you and if we could film it for Youtube?"

    Wayne smiled and approved and winked at Dan, signaling that this would be a good Artist Diary Footage. Dan adjusted his iphone and Jeremy pulled out his cards. One of his friends from behind turned their video cam on and started filming too.JB and Dana stopped what they were doing and watched Jeremy.

    Jeremy asked Wayne to select a card.Wayne does so and he was asked to sign the card.After doing so, Jeremy inserted the card cleanly in the middle of the deck. Then with a snap, Jeremy opened his mouth and pulled out a folded card. Jeremy unfolded it and revealed to be Wayne's card. Gasps from nearby tables were heard. Wayne and the rest of them applauded and congratulated Jeremy for a good performance.

    JB nodded and all four shared an understanding that they knew how the trick was done, but nevertheless they praised Jeremy for a clean performance.

    "Thanks Wayne, for watching my performance. Thanks JB, Dana, Dan." Jeremy smiled.

    "No Problem, we enjoyed it too..." Wayne said. Dan turned off the record of his iPhone and Jeremy's friend turned off his video cam. Jeremy and his friends were about to leave when a short, slim and fair girl walked up to their table. The teenagers could not help but stop and stare at her. She smiled at the four.

    "Excuse me...Are you Wayne Houchin? The one who performed Distortion and Thread?"

    "Yes Miss. That's me."

    "Hi, I'm Fretzie,and I'm a foreign amateur magician. And a great fan of your website.", She said timidly. The teenage boys eyes widen. It was not everyday that they saw a girl magician. "Can I ask for your help?I created this effect and I want to have some feedback from pros like you."

    JB, Dan and Dana focused their attention to Fretzie.Wayne nodded and smiled.

    "Sure why not Fretzie. Show us your effect", Wayne invited. Fretzie thanked them.

    "I call this effect Freezer." She looked at the table the four were on and picked up the coffee cup , which was half filled, that Wayne was using. "Can I use this Wayne?"

    "Absolutely", Wayne Said.

    Fretzie inhaled slowly and blew through her lips, and to everyone's surprise the coffee cup started to precipitate and then started to crystalize. Fretzie's breath started to form a white mist.It was an afternoon wherein the temperature was hot and next to impossible to form a mist. And to everyone's shock the coffee cup turned into an ice block and the coffee inside of it froze. She then tapped the cup on the table and it made a solid "Tok" sound signifiying that it was not an illusion. She handed it to Wayne whose jaw dropped ten feet down. JB froze on his seat and Dana and Dan swallowed hard as they stared at the frozen cup.

    Fretzie opened her palms to show that nothing was on it, and she was wearing a cute blue t-shirt with short sleeves, so she couldn't have loaded and unloaded a gimmick. And the most astonishing part was that Wayne had been sipping through the cup the entire afternoon and a girl comes and freezes the daylights out of the cup. It was a miracle.

    "That was Freezer.", Fretzie smiled.

    JB whispered to Dan and swallowed.

    "Did you get that on video." he asked. Dan shook his head and his face still in shock.

    "This is going to be another sleepless week."JB exclaimed. Fretzie smiled at the four and at Jeremy and his friends.
  2. ....wait... what is this? Are you writing fan-fiction based around magicians?
  3. I think so..

    I have the true story.

    Wayne and JB was out for a cup of coffe when wayne houchin asked if JB wanted to see a trick and he did a trick and fooled the crap out of JB. JB wanted to film it right away and release it as a 1 on 1 but wayne said no, this is mine i wont release it. JB got angry and used his magical powers to transform himself into a draon shooting fire at Wayne in hope that Wayne would give up and give him the secret..

    What he did not know is that Wayne Houchin is a transformer and transformed himself into a a bazooka blasting the JB dragon, but he got away and while he had the chance Wayne transformed himself into a racing car and ran away home to hide from JB to keep his secret card trick safe.
  4. Yep, True story, I was passing by and saw them fighting... :/
  5. I know how to make Freezer work.
  6. @Dark Witness:
    Congrats on that.I know Fretzie would be proud.Hehehe :)

    Fan fiction?You can say that.Just another way to express my love for magic, through writing fiction.Hehehe...Well, I could say that JB and the rest are magicians, but not so much for Fretzie and Bret...Although they are real people.I know they wouldn't mind me using them here.
  7. Yep, sad but true.

    The only thing that now can kill the evil transformer Wayne is Jason England. You might have noticed that Jason looks pretty strong in his videos and the truth is that he is not a card magician, he is Megatron the leader of the evil decepticon who has taken human form.

    Pretty scarry stuff going on over at T11.
  8. It's the misty breath that will be hard to make happen...
  9. i actually have an idea for this..... might have to ask my chem teacher!!!
  10. Meh. The writing itself (as in your grasp of the English language) was fairly poor for a document like this. And again, it didn't really hold my attention. I only finished reading it because I wanted to be able to give you feedback; had I not had the intention of giving you helpful criticism, I would have stopped reading far before the halfway mark. I honestly can't tell you what it's lacking; it just didn't have that excitement and ability to capture and hold my attention like good short stories do. Try changing something; maybe a big something, like the way the story is told, to a little something, like the perspective the story is told. For example, would it make the story more interesting to be told from the point of view of one of the people watching in the restaurant? A true spectator that wasn't a magician. I don't know, just some things to think about... looking forward to the next article!
  11. @adjones:
    Thanks for the criticism. I'll take note of that. In a sense, you prefer a first person point-of-view from one of the characters in the story?And the way its told?I better look closely on what that meant.I dig your suggestion of a spectator point-of-view thing. I'll take note of that too. And from the previous episode, I'll pull it down a notch too of it being witchcraft....Hehehehe...Sleight of hand stuff would be nice.

    And thanks for looking out for my future posts.You're actually one of the members here that makes me feel welcome in adding a little literature in theory11.

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