theory11 + Daniel Madison = ?

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    For added measure (in case no one picked up on it), in the picture he's pointing at two 6's and an ace, and the text on his forearm is translated as: "Seek and you shall find".

    Cheers! :)

    -Reuben Frederick->
  2. Nice find.

    Perhaps another great marketing tool? Either that or we are really in for some great surprises.

    Again, nice find.

  3. Huh...

    Daniel Madison is great and so it would be cool but... I thought he was doing the whole Underground Magic Circle etc.

    Interesting though... makes it look as if he's gonna be a part of T11, I mean the tattoo of Cerca Trova and the symbol on his site...

    Guess we'll have to wait and see
  4. T11 is supposed to be underground... even with the incredible amount of hype it generated.

    I would still love to see this collaboration.

  5. I would love to see that also

    Ive been waiting for something new from Daniel Madison... come on THREE...
  6. any offical answers???
  7. "Seek and you shall find" :p

    Sorry I couldn't let the moment escape me :)

    -Reuben Frederick->
  8. If Daniel Madison were to get on board that would be AWESOME. Either he's spoofing Theory11, or hyping it. Of course he wouldn't link here if it was a spoof, so we'll see what happens :)
  9. Yeah it would be awesome. And I think it's just an advert. Or a clue? Who knows.
  10. that will be great :):)
  11. I'm a huge fan of Daniel Madison, man you have just got me exited right now !!
  12. I'm just waiting for any official answer :p
  13. I got myself excited too. Maybe they picked him because he already has a "cerca trova" tattoo on his arm...
  14. I'm going to watch Lethal again, I'll see if I find anything.
  15. The source says "Something Dangerous This Way Comes", creepy
  16. Well I'm convinced.
  17. Something dangerous this way comes is a reference to his upcoming DVD, called DANGEROUS. It's sort of a sequal to LETHAL. Maybe, he'll release it here on Theory11. Looks exciting!

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